Thursday, March 16, 2017

Attempted Murder/Car Jacking Man Falsely Accused

By:  Marshall Ramsey II, Freelance Reporter

SAINT GEORGE, South Carolina --  An out-of-town man working on construction at the new Volvo plant and shot by a man coming out of a hotel may wish he had actually been shot, in addition to his accomplices, once this story gets out.

According to the official report, the supposed victim had just dropped off an acquaintance and her child at the Quality Inn on Highway 78 next to Interstate 95 after having dinner at Applebee's in Summerville.  After dropping them off, a man (identified as Devin Seabrook) tried getting into the passenger side of the vehicle, a 2013 Dodge Charger, and after failing to do so began firing shots into the car, with one striking the driver at the nape (the back) of his neck.  He then sped away and escaped.  Quality Inn employees called 911 at 8:59 PM and were on the scene three minutes later. Photographs were taken of the vehicle and published in The Eagle Record and are currently available for viewing online.

And this is where the story of Saint George police begins to unravel.  While it is true that three windows are damaged, it isn't consistent with damage that would occur form gun shots.  The damage appears consistent with being busted with a large, heavy object except for the small rear window on the driver's side.

This further destroys the police narrative.  The man who supposedly tried to steal the car tried to enter form the passenger side  If this is the case, why is all the damage on the driver's side?  The damage to the car indicates that all four shots came from the driver's side near the front of the car with the exception of the rear window.  Does this mean that the assailant ran around to the other side of the car, shot out the rear windows and put one shot in the car AND take the time to give the driver of the Charger a non-life threatening injury to the back of the neck?  I think not.  This is a clear fabrication on the part of police.

Another curious detail that suggests this is a false storyline is that four shell casings were found inside the victim's car.  While this certainly matches up with the number of shots fired as reported by Quality Inn employees and the damage done to the car, and the damage done to the vehicle, it does not explain how the shell casings wound up inside the vehicle.  Certainly Mr. Seabrook would not have been able to toss spent shell casings into a speeding car after firing four rounds into the vehicle then taking the time to pick up the shell casings.  The fact that the spent cartridges were "later" found inside the car indicates that Mr. Seabrook did not fire any shots but rather they were placed inside the vehicle in an effort to establish Mr. Seabrook's guilt.  This of course indicates a pre-meditated plan to frame Mr. Seabrook for various crimes.

What are these crimes that Mr. Seabrook was laid in wait for?  Attempted murder, assault, discharging a firearm into a vehicle, possessing a weapon during a violent crime, and possession of a firearm or ammunition by a person convicted of a violent felony.  These charges would put Mr. Seabrook away for a very long time.  The problem is that most if not all of the warrants were issued months ago, maybe years.  That is what is meant by "arrest warrants outstanding."

If we are to believe the warrants, then these are crimes committed months or years ago.  This creates a major problem for the Saint George Police Department, Colleton County Sherrif's Department, and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Fugitives Division (all believed to be conspirators in this crime) as the events related in the Eagle Record only happened on February 27, 2017, not even one month ago.  This would indicate that Chief Camp and company have been planning to frame Mr. Seabrook for at least two months.

While the purpose of this false arrest is not known, it may be related to Club 11 activity.  The "shooting" happened on February 27.  In numeric form, this would be rendered 02/27.  Occultists value numbers because of the meanings attached to them.  In this case, what Chief Camp and his accomplices are doing is adding the number value of the date 02/27 and getting 2+2+7=11.  Since the number 11 signifies separation, we can say that, in light of some bogus/illegal weapons charges, that Chief Camp and his accomplices are trying is a psychological operation, getting the citizens of South Carolina to give up their right to own guns as guaranteed us under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.  This seems likely given the "pro-gun control" climate being pushed upon the American public by the media.  Their acts in this would also signal to the global elite (Illuminati/Club 11 heads) that they are good little servants willing to do their masters' bidding.  The date also symbolized sacrifice in that Chief Camp and his accomplices had no trouble sacrificing Mr. Seabrook's civil rights as also guaranteed him under the U.S. Constitution.

Whoever represents Devin Seabrook at trial, use this information to get him his freedom back and put his captors behind bars.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

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