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Posted: 26 Feb 2014 01:55 PM PST

As I review some of the notes I've taken as I've been researching the imagery of the closing ceremonies I see so much that is familiar. What was produced for us in this grand scale effort represents kind of a remix but its really not just a rehash. In this late hour our time is so precious that I question whether reviewing this Occult messaging mega-ritual invocation of antichrist spirit is still necessary. I am assured that it is. Before I get into decoding more of the closing ceremony symbolism I'd like to address some that was present throughout the games.

The pyramid is a very important symbol to sun god worshipers. While that symbolic shape wasn't featured in obvious ways during the opening and closing ceremonies, it was a very prominent visual theme of the Olympics broadcast coverage on NBC. Commercial breaks were framed by constructions of triangular crystalline panes forming pyramids with varying degrees of obfuscation. Those decorative embellishments lent their support to the pyramid symbolism of the ubiquitous Olympic rings logos.

Down at sea level, Sochi's sub-tropical climate is evident in the many palm trees. These are able to be leveraged in occult messaging compositions as symbols of the phoenix (phoenix palm), which signal victory over death. Most particularly, this is all about the Osiris resurrection into Horus.

The slogan for the Winter Games in Sochi was "Hot. Cool. Yours." This is code for the production of Horus! Count the letters. Right, it's the 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple signaling the 47th problem of Euclid. Hot and Cool are opposites, like male and female, like Osiris-3 and Isis-4. Who is "Yours" but 5-Horus?

Yours >> Yorus >> Horus

The hot and cool alludes to the fire and ice of Norse legend, and Horbiger's theory of Eternal Ice. Inside the stadium, the exalted Olympic Flame burned inside an ice cauldron. Fire and Ice. If that doesn't mean anything to you, search the blog.

In the official Sochi Olympics store, event gloves may be purchased. Many athletes were wearing these. Recall the Horus Hand. I had written 3 posts in a series on that subject before getting refocused on the Celestial Stargate series. Do you know how to make the official Olympic salute?

Part 1 - The Hand of Horus - The Oath
Part 2 - The Hand of Horus - The Key of Life, Falsely Promised
Part 3 - The Hand of Horus - The Crazy Ones

The Sochi Olympic Park has an eye inside with the flaming torch as the lamp eye, and the whole park seems to suggest the Eye of Horus from overhead.

The Olympic Park's location on the shore means that a reflection in the water naturally exhibits the potent Hermetic Maxim, As Above, So Below. There's a reflecting pool and fountain under the torch. It's truly magickal - and not in any good way; something I've given plenty of ink to over the years. Hermes-Mercury facilitates Horus-Apollo.

These are signs of the nations of the world coming together to worship their false gods, the false god.

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The Open Scroll Blog

The Open Scroll Blog

Posted: 25 Feb 2014 07:38 PM PST

The regular Winter Olympics have ended. Two more ceremonies are expected in Sochi, opening and closing the Paralympics (March 7-16). The closing ceremonies on the 23rd seemed pretty conventional, not unlike the opening ceremony I've blogged about in this series. The thing about this kind of ceremony is that the convention is the grand exhibition of a public mega-ritual. This closing ceremony is the 5th one to be given my attention (Beijing, Vancouver, and 2 in London) and it's every bit the Illuminati extravaganza the others were before it. While there was no ceremonial disembowelment "bloody guts" award costuming to be seen, no pyramid of box-bricks constructed on the stadium floor, no eyebrow raising flaming phoenix or sinister distribution of a thorn cauldron like what was witnessed in London, the primary themes have remained. What I perceived was just what should be expected when folks who worship Zeus stage a party. If you've been following this blog for a while you know what this mega-ritual has to be about. Apollo aka Horus. It was all about Apollo and his coming, facilitated by Mercury. The closer compared closely to the opener.

The traditional handoff to the hosts of the next scheduled games in Pyeongchang 2018 took place as expected, which was celebrated with South Korea's own 8 minute segment. The esoteric themes closely matched Russia's segments. Details may follow, Lord willing.

The theme, "Reflections of Russia," was evident throughout, with the various ceremonies reflecting back on the games, on the imagery of the opening ceremony and the host country's literature, art and music. We're told in the commentary that it was even a reflection of the people of Russia to themselves and others around the world, in a questioning of identity. That's rather mysterious. Beyond any superficial consideration we're invited to explore the deeper symbolism.

The climax of every closing ceremony is the extinguishing of the flame but this one in Sochi was lacking in drama, according to some reports. Yawn. It was overshadowed by the memorable moment created by another ritual of the 5th ring, as expected (See Part 1).

"Daniele Finzi Pasca, an Italian who was artistic director of the ceremony, said before the event that "not everything went well" in the final rehearsal on Saturday. But things appeared to run smoothly during the performance. In fact, the most obvious "mistake" was intentional: In the first scene, hundreds of dancers in sparkling costumes formed the Olympic rings but didn't shape the fifth one immediately—a nod to a ring that failed during the opening ceremony. "We wanted something that was a mistake to become unforgettable," Pasca said." (Sochi Olympics: Closing Time [The Wall Street Journal])

When the report says, "the most obvious "mistake" was intentional," I believe it really applies to the closing ceremony's "comedic" replay and also to the one being replayed.

Why would they lie to us about what really happened? This simply creates the drama necessary for the ritual raising of energy. The creation of an unforgettable moment is a good marketing ploy, but this is actually ritual magick, which is of far more importance to them. This same device was already used in Vancouver, so the ploy has been worked twice in a row for the Winter Olympics. While Vancouver 2010 featured a pyramid and the ritual of the 4th leg (emphasizing the pattern of 3 things and then a 4th), this one emphasized the 5-Horus identity using the pyramid logo. If you grasp the esoteric meaning of the Olympic rings logo, these rituals are very much complementary in how they give attention to, and therefore ritual energy to, the missing element.

I'm going to offer another decoding of the rings logo here because it explains one of the cryptic images of the closing ceremony.

The 5 connected rings form a pyramid with a missing capstone, a very common and usually obfuscated form. The Olympics version is made of rings locked together instead of bricks and mortar. It's also upside down, as it would appear in a reflection. The inversion is a simple expression of the Hermetic Maxim and an instance of the magick of Hermes facilitating Horus. Here's the dynamic involved with a truncated pyramid. The uncapped pyramid wants its capstone. It wants to be completed like a void that wants to be filled. Magick works on the principles of balance. Offer something unbalanced in a visual or audible impression and it invites interaction from the viewer who responds by giving energy to where it's deficient to bring it into balance. Like how the genuine Body of Christ wants Christ, the head of the Body, the truncated pyramid is the counterfeit messianic body that wants the Antichrist head, the capstone Apollo/Horus. The Olympic rings logo is a potent magickal symbol that works supernaturally to complete that pyramid.

We were teased with a momentary suggestion of the completion they crave during the opening video segment of the ceremony. A surreal time travel video played at the outset that was similar to the Opening Ceremony's Dream segment. Images of some selected XXII Winter Games gold medalists competing in their sports appeared in mirrors and in ice and on an open grand piano lid as through we were seeing through portals back in time. (This is another video interwoven with live action to supplement the "great hoax" modeling of the opening ceremony, as addressed in Part 3.) One of the Olympians honored in this sequence was a skeleton rider wearing a Great Britain helmet, who was most probably Lizzy Yarnold. She appeared as at the launch of a run down the sliding course, framed in a mirror along with the Olympic rings logo. She was in motion and the rings were in motion. Here's two screenshots from the NBC broadcast.

In the photographic alignment of the scene, the round helmet passes very quickly through the region of the implied ring. It seems to me there's probably a strict Brand rule enforced by the Olympics Committee to the effect that the implied 6th ring must stay hidden, and no substitutions may be presented except by the most subtle of suggestions. Like the Wicked Witch of the West revealed to Dorothy in the pyramid and sun symbol-fest Wizard of Oz, "These things must be done delicately, or you hurt the spell." (Part 24 - Celestial Stargates - Ring-a-round the Rosie) The cowardly lion of that roaring lion branded MGM classic was a sun lion king. (MGM Grand logo pictured) What do you suppose is featured on her team's competition helmet? A sun king lion! And, the rings logo under it makes the implied 6th ring a 3rd eye, a Horus Eye!

Here's another member of the skeleton team wearing the helmet.

This image is the branding found on the awards platform, on the face of the gold medalist's podium. In the region where the implied 6th ring would appear we see the I of SOCHI. Now, where have we seen an "I" in a capstone? They are not ONE to BUCK that trend, right? The implied 6th Olympic ring is the Eye of Horus. For many examples of this kind of signaling, check out the 42 part series titled, See, it's the "i" of Horus!

More validation of what is meant by the rings logo and the short scene in the mirror appears when you make the skeleton identification. The sled is called a skeleton, just like the bones. The skeleton head or helmet is a skull, so the sixth ring is a skull. The skull is a symbol of the beast. That's dead Osiris raised into Horus - and the identity of the implied ring!

Remember this skull from Miley Cyrus' video, We Can't Stop?

It's the beast of Revelation 13. The fingers and french fries supply three letters "f," the 6th letter - 666. Where is the mark to be placed but in the forehead and in the right hand.

Gold medalist Lizzy Yarnold agreed to lend her image to this potent Illuminati signal when she signed off on the standard paperwork required for participation in the Olympic Games. It's a sad deal. All the participants, sponsors, volunteers, and viewers add to the sum of the ritual energy raised and harnessed during these kinds of events and ceremonial rituals. Soon, their efforts will bear fruit. The skull and bones man will appear to claim the throne that awaits him. But, there's good news. The impostor will be followed by the genuine, not long after! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the only begotten son of the Most High God!

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MessiahMews Blogs: test joan

MessiahMews Blogs: test joan: Dr. Paul Whitcomb, a chiropractor in South Lake Tahoe, Ca, doesn't want to offer fibromyalgia sufferers false hope. However, he has ...

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Russian General: ‘We Are At War’
(Before It's News) In an interview published Feb. 5 by, Gen. Leonid Ivashov, the former foreign relations head of the Russian Ministry of Defense and current president of the Academy of Geopolitical Studies, issued a sharp warning about...
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Marshall Ramsey II has shared news from Before It's News

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WW3 Alert: Russians Begin Massing Troops On Ukraine Border, Russian Marines On ‘War Footing’ In Crimea, Arrive In Sevastopol (Video)

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Recommended Article By Marshall Ramsey II: NHK: Failure at Fukushima -- Gundersen: Extraordinarily radioactive leak will be in Pacific shortly; "Site is going to bleed into ocean for 100 years"

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NHK: Failure at Fukushima -- Gundersen: Extraordinarily radioactive leak will be in Pacific shortly; "Site is going to bleed into ocean for 100 years"

Article from - Energy News -
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Iran's War Plan; Their American Conspirators

  1. Senator Lindsey Graham has advanced knowledge of a nuclear weapon strike against the United States.  He has known this since before Sept. 1, 2013.
  2. Senator Graham said publicly that the only way to stop the nuclear strike is to attack Syria.
  3. Multiple sources report nuclear weapons being moved from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas to South Carolina, likely Joint Base Charleston.
  4. It has been confirmed that the #2 person in command of America's nuclear weapons stockpile was fired on the very day of the nuke transfer.
  5. Command to transfer nuclear weapons from base to base can only come from President Obama.
  6. Iran's 29th flotilla of warships is heading toward the Gulf of Aden at this moment inside the Red Sea.  This statement was made by Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyar of Iran on Saturday.
  7. The United States is currently receiving chemical weapons from Syria in the Italian port of Gioia Tauro, by way of a 2nd MV Cape Ray, one that actually was stationed in Virginia.  It appears as though the Untied States will transfer chemical weapons to Iran once put out to sea, likely in international waters.  Iran will then use these chemical weapons on the United States, possibly by using drone technology or even drones given to them by President Obama.
  8. This evidence suggests that both Senator Graham and President Obama both know of Iran's plans for what appears to be a combination attack.  Attack #1:  Nuclear explosion in Charleston harbor;  Atttack #2: chemical weapons attack in New York harbor, with a possible ground invasion to follow.
  9. This evidence also suggests that President Obama and Senator Graham not only know about it, but are complicit in the execution of said plans.
  10. It is possible, given the evidence at hand, that nuclear weapons were illegally transferred to the Iranians under cover of night.  This would account for reports of nuclear warheads missing from our arsenal.

Iran's attack strategy is reminiscent of that of Saladin.  The tactic used by him was to first send a small contingent of soldiers ahead of the rest of the army while the bulk of his forces remained hidden.  Once the forces were engaged in battle with the advance contingent, or perhaps ignored it, then the bulk of the forces would move in and attack.

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The Open Scroll Blog

The Open Scroll Blog

Posted: 24 Feb 2014 10:07 AM PST
Here's a very brief overview of what I have learned about the times and seasons. These things are deeply hidden, as what things most precious ever are in this age.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. ~ Proverbs 25:2

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. ~ Luke 8:17

This knowledge and the understanding brought as the Lord gives insight is far more important than folks realize. 1 Thessalonians 5

Some will know when the Bridegroom comes for His Bride, because Noah knew when the flood came. Matthew 24:37

Are you still waiting for the recognized authorities in the church to confirm these things to you? It's not going to happen until it's too late. One of the functions of the church leaders is actually to screen you out, so only the finest refined flour emerges, like the most refined gold. (Matthew 24:43) The Lord Himself has assured it.

Why do I believe the lawless one will be revealed just before the Bridegroom comes for His Bride in April of 2015, and that the Black Awakening is coming this May?

Two elements establish a special week of years on the Lord's schedule, a sign that provided a concrete calendar date, and a fixed span of time counted off from that date. The sign was a celestial sign, like what the Magi of Matthew 2 observed. A description of the sign was recorded in Genesis 49:10 as the words the Patriarch Jacob prophesied as he lay dying, which he said pertained to some time in the distant future. That sign marked Yom Teruah, in our year 1991, providing one notable fulfillment of that Holy Day. The span of time counted off from that date involves weeks of years on the Sabbatical cycle that has been counting off since this calendar began. These heptadic cycles are known as Shemitah. The celestial sign marked the transition between the 856th and 857th Shemitah. The Shemitah count from the celestial sign to the target set is according to a pattern. Count off three and then we arrive, because the fourth is the target! (John 13:38) The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Shemitah in the count began in 1998, 2005 and 2012, consecutively. Now writing in February 2014, we are about 1 1/2 years in to the target Shemitah!

When, during this Shemitah, will the most important things happen? The most useful insight I've received involves a pattern described in Psalm 90:4. This week of years will match the creation week and the week of millennia in pattern. Since we have a description of the creation week in Genesis and 6 days of the millennial week have already passed into history, we've got two data sets with plenty of information to draw upon. If we compare the creation week with the millennial week, the fact that the seventh day of the week is a Shabbat is perhaps most obvious. How is it then with this Shemitah? The same, because the three are of one pattern. Other passages of scripture validate this as structure for their interpretation is thus provided. The most rich source for learning is biblical history. What were the most important events that marked major transitions? When did they happen? How do they transfer or project into our Shemitah - what will happen at those times?

I don't doubt that this will seem pretty speculative to most folks. These things have been documented over many years now, to the best of my ability to communicate. I'm assured that it's enough, that the Lord's purposes are served, with nothing lacking. A farmer works the field, but, the soil, the rain, the seed, the growth - and the farmer - are all in the Lord's care! (1 Corinthians 3:5-7) This activity is very sensitive to the season. Where's the Farmer's Almanac when you need one? Well, in due season, the Lord whose harvest field this is appoints and equips laborers fit for the task and directs the work. He is faithful, who has promised.

On the appointed Holy Days in the Fall of 2019, the character of the work week of 6 millennia will change as we transition into that part of the 7th or Shabbat millennia that many folks think of when they picture "the millennial reign of Christ." That will come at the end of the Shabbat, the 7th day that is so prominent in the composition of a week. This year that will begin in the Fall of 2018 will be characterized by a kind of rest given to a people and land, on one hand, but on the other, the campaign of Armageddon will be waged. I have written little about that season because my attention has been elsewhere, largely focused upon a crux move appointed for earlier in the week.

Based upon a study of biblical history it is evident that some events that marked major transitions came relatively early. After the tumultuous beginning it only took 1656 years before a major reset came with the flood of Noah's day. Relatively shortly after that came another major reset in judgment relative to the Tower of Babel. The Exodus has been memorialized in such a way that it must be seen as another major transition in biblical history, which happened in the middle of the 3rd day, 2448 years from Adam. Another is marked on our popular calendar as the very pivot of time reckoning, the birth of our Lord. The calendar is only about 1 year off because He was born in 2 BC, on Yom Teruah, on the pivot of the millennia. I consider that the entire season recorded in the Gospels and in the book of Acts is worthy of note as transitional in this context, which compresses down to a pretty short span on the 1000:1 ratio.

Of those major transitions it's the projection of the Exodus onto this target Shemitah that has been the focus of most of my attention.

Since the sign of 1991, the only other events claimed to be signs, as I understand it, come in that season. When the lawless one is revealed, that will be a sign preceding "our gathering together to him," according to 2 Thessalonians 2. Two gatherings will follow shortly thereafter, in sequence. The gatherings are harvests in allegorical representation. Three harvests in the annual holy day season represent three resurrection events for three kinds of crops. According to the language of the harvest allegory, the first in sequence will be the barley. That's associated with the Feasts called Pesah and Hag HaMatzot, instituted at the Exodus. Instituted shortly after, the Shavuot primarily celebrates the harvest of wheat. It's also known as the Feast of Weeks because the primary feature is the counting of weeks. The counting of weeks and seven year periods is one primary way the passage of time is accounted on the Lord's calendar. Shavuot is directly tied to the waving of the sheaf during Hag HaMatzot, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, by the counting of 7 weeks. (Another name, Pentecost, means the 50th, another reference to the count.) The grape harvest or Feast of Ingathering comes at the end of the week.

The barley harvest is what I have come to refer to as the Bride Theft, because that's when the Lord will come as a thief in the night to steal His Bride. She is the Barley Bride, and He will receive this first ripened crop from the harvest field at the time modeled for thousands of years. Biblical modelings picture this on the last day of the Feast, the 21st day of the 1st month, which follows a mere 8 days after the sign for the Bride, which biblical modelings present on the 13th day of the 1st month. The Bride Theft will be as a sign to those saints left behind, found with soiled robes. They will find themselves in great tribulation and must wash their robes and make them white in the blood of The Lamb. Martyrdom is the order of the day, but it's that connected Shavuot when their harvest will arrive.

Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets. ~ Amos 3:7

He said, "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, "'though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.' ~ Luke 8:10

9 He replied, "Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end. 10 Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand. ~ Daniel 12:9-10

Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; obey it, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you. ~ Revelation 3:3

1 Now, brothers, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, 2 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. 3 While people are saying, "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6

Before then, I expect the projection of the great flood of Noah to be followed shortly after by the projection of the Tower of Babel. Given the 1000:1 ratio as a basis for the projection, depending on how the end-points align, we're looking at May, 2014, a few short months away. What will it look like when we reach that season that was modeled for us so long ago with such drama? I don't have direct revelation insight and confirmations like what I have received with the Exodus projection into 2015, but what I've come to learn as I've attended to watching over the years suggests a number of things.

The Enemy's cryptic threats to bring chaos in the Black Awakening harmonize with the metaphorical language of the flood. Every indicator I recognize suggests this is truly right at the door. Make note, the world after the flood was considerably changed from the world before. Whatever the specifics, this summer will not be like the last summer or those many before it. You've seen the world in turmoil. Today, it's being reported that Israel may be surrendering Mt Zion to the Vatican. Barry Chamish has long reported how this has officially already been done. Another Temple with a Levitical priesthood and restoration of animal sacrifice as instituted under the Mosaic law may really be forthcoming in the wake of the coming chaos. It's going to be illigitimate, of course.

The trend of national destabilization we now see manifesting in the Ukraine threatens Russia, according to other news I read just this morning. The Arab Spring has sprung. I've been expecting the demise of Damascus in Syria (Isaiah 17) and a brief but intense war between Iran and America (Daniel 8). That's still pending, and when America has her perceived victory, in the midst of her exaltation she will be broken into 4 kingdoms. Out of one of them will come the long awaited savior, a messianic impostor.

Transformation will come via the great flood and tower of Babel projections, producing the world fit for the lawless one to arise like a beast from the sea.

Are you ready?

11 For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, 12 instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age, 13 looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus, 14 who gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed, and to purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds. ~ Titus 2:11-14

Seek Yahweh, all you humble of the earth who have carried out His ordinances; Seek righteousness, seek humility. Perhaps you will be hidden in the day of Yahweh's anger. ~ Zephaniah 2:3

13 But we do not want you to be uninformed, brethren, about those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope. 14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep in Jesus. 15 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord, will not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord. 18 Therefore comfort one another with these words. ~ 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

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Nuclear Detonation In Charleston Harbor? Sen. Graham Thinks So.

Nuclear Detonation In Charleston Harbor?  Sen. Graham Thinks So.

By:  Marshall Ramsey II, Worthy News U.S. Correspondent

CHARLESTON, SC - (WorthyNews)  It may be about to get really warm in Charleston if U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is correct.

On September 3, 2013, Senator Graham addressed a home crowd in Goose Creek, SC, on Tuesday regarding the ongioing civil war in Syria.  Sen. Graham told reporters that taking action on Syria is not a question of whether or not we should, but how bad do we want the consequences of our actions, or inactions, to be.

He stated that if there is no U.S. response (meaning an attack on Syria by U.S. forces), then Iran will not believe the United States' resolve to block Iran from getting nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists, and those terrorists detonating a nuclear device in Charleston Harbor.

"I believe that if we get Syria wrong, within six months - and you can quote me on this - there will be a war between Iran and Israel over their nuclear program," Graham said.  "It won't come to America on top of a missile, it'll come in the belly of a ship in the Charleston or New York Harbor."

According to Senator Graham's own statements, he has advanced knowledge of a potential nuclear attack on America.  According to Senator Graham, the only way to stop this nuclear attack on the U.S. is to attack the nation of Syria.  This leaves some very disturbing conclusions to draw.

Conclusion #1:  The United States of America is being extorted by the government of Iran.  With the United States' vastly superior military might, we could destroy Iran off the map within a couple of days; so the only conclusion to be drawn here is that the United States government under President Obama wants it this way.  It also means that President Obama stands to profit in some manner from a nuclear attack on the United States.

Conclusion #2:  Senator Graham, while having direct personal knowledge of a forth-coming nuclear attack, is refusing to consider a preemptive strike against the Iranians.  This also suggests that he stands to profit in some manner from an attack on the United States of America.

Conclusion #3:  Given the unfortunately likely scenarios addressed in conclusions 1 & 2, it presents a third conclusion, one far more terrifying that a nuclear strike:  That the safety and security of the people of the Untied States of America is for sale to the highest bidder.

My grandfather told me something when I was a young man:  "A Western businessman will sell you the rope you are going to use to hang him with."  Although this isn't a situation dealing with American businessmen, it is actually much worse:  The leaders the people of the United States of America elect to public office, expecting them to protect us from outside aggression, are for sale to the highest bidder.  Does this mean that all politicians are able to be bribed, and therefore treasonous?  No.  But the above article, combined with known bribery attempts during the passage of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, does suggest that there are some, if not a lot, who would do such a thing.  The only question is:  How far does the corruption go?

Time is almost up for Senator Graham's words to be prophetic.  As it happens, there are two Iranian warships headed toward the U.S. coast.  Although the names of the ships are unknown at this time, we do know that one is an Iranian destroyer and the other is a logistics helicopter carrier.  It is being billed as a training mission, one that would give them technical knowledge of our coastline and our response to perceived threats.  With this data, the Iranians could conceivably put together a plan whereby they could detonate a nuclear weapon on American soil.

These are dark days for the United States of America.  Neither Charleston nor New York harbors appear to be safe.  Who will save us, or will our leaders sell us out for a few Syrian pounds or some Iranian rials?  God help us.

Source articles:

Recommended Article By Marshall Ramsey II: LA Times: Top NRC official in Japan compared Fukushima to 'never-never land' -- At same time, US warned France about publishing 'extremely high' radiation doses for infants in Tokyo

Hi ,
Your friend, Marshall Ramsey II, has recommended this article entitled 'LA Times: Top NRC official in Japan compared Fukushima to 'never-never land' -- At same time, US warned France about publishing 'extremely high' radiation doses for infants in Tokyo' to you.

Here is his/her remark:

LA Times: Top NRC official in Japan compared Fukushima to 'never-never land' -- At same time, US warned France about publishing 'extremely high' radiation doses for infants in Tokyo

Article from - Energy News -
URL to article:

Recommended Article By Marshall Ramsey II: US Gov't: Scientists investigating if Fukushima radiation contributed to unusual deaths and sickness in marine mammals -- Similar illness seen in Japan and other countries on Pacific -- Expect 'hairless seals' this spring

Hi ,
Your friend, Marshall Ramsey II, has recommended this article entitled 'US Gov't: Scientists investigating if Fukushima radiation contributed to unusual deaths and sickness in marine mammals -- Similar illness seen in Japan and other countries on Pacific -- Expect 'hairless seals' this spring' to you.

Here is his/her remark:
It's not unusual at all. It was planned this way.

US Gov't: Scientists investigating if Fukushima radiation contributed to unusual deaths and sickness in marine mammals -- Similar illness seen in Japan and other countries on Pacific -- Expect 'hairless seals' this spring

Article from - Energy News -
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Russia-NATO To Share Security Detail Of the Cape Ray; Suspected Illegal Weapons Transfer

By:  Marshall Ramsey II, Worthy News U.S. Correspondent

WASHINGTON, D.C. - (Worthy News) Russia and NATO drawing up plans for joint naval operation in the Mediterranean.  Purpose is to protect the MV Cape Ray from attack by potential hostile forces.

Originally scheduled to meet the Ark Futura, a Dutch vessel, in the Mediterranean Sea to receive a shipment of chemical weapons from them.  Plans changed, now the pick up location is Gioia Tauro, Italy.  Cape Ray current position according to last available coordinates put it between northern Mozambique and Madagascar

According to online sources, The MV Cape Ray's port of destination is Singapore, with an arrival date of March 6.  This conflicts with the destination given of Italy as the pick up and transfer location.

The fact that discussions are on-going concerning a joint military task force gives strength to an earlier report that President Obama was attempting to acquire chemical weapons from Syria for use in U.S. drone strikes.  However, with no wars going on to necessitate the use of such weapons, one can only speculate as to the intended targets.

Although many would be unwilling to admit this, it may be that the intended targets of the drone strikes are American citizens and infrastructure, given a recent story about the United States Department of Homeland Security being contracted to purchase more than 700 million rounds of ammunition of varying types over the next four years.  Indeed, it seemly likely, especially since NATO (which is headed by the United States) and Russia are in negotiations on joint security measures regarding the protection of the Cape Ray, and that it is being hailed as a good sign.

Another possibility is that Russia has purchased some of these chemical weapons supposedly being destroyed.  According to an article put out by Reuters, Russia has invested "heavily" in the "disarmament" agreement.  It almost certainly means that Russia has spent a large amount of money in acquiring these chemical, and possibly biological, weapons, and it is unlikely that such a heavy investment would be merely to destroy them.

The original date set for the transfer of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile was Feb. 6.  Due to a nearly one month delay, the new deadline for transfer of Syria chemical weapons to the United States is March 1.

“Most of the chemical weapons stockpiles, including the most toxic materials, will be evacuated from Syria by March 1,” Syria’s ambassador to Russia, Riad Haddad, told the Interfax news agency. “I believe we will meet the deadline," he said.

The cause of the delay may be due to a story first broken in January, where it was revealed that the MV Cape Ray was already underway in the Caribbean sea, intending to rendezvous with Dutch and Norwegian ships to take possession of the chemical weapons.  It also revealed that the chemical weapons were to be used in joint military actions around the world and in "combination forces," that is, two or more countries combining their armed forces and operating as a single entity.

Another conflict arises.  The MV Cape Ray is scheduled to be in Singapore on March 8, 2014.  According to Syria, most of their chemical weapons stockpile will be removed by March 1, less than one week away.  Even if they manage to meet this deadline, the chemicals must still be transferred to the Cape Ray.  It must then travel to the end of the Mediterranean sea, enter and exit the Red sea, and then make it to Singapore.  This seems highly unlikely given the extreme care which must be given in handling weapons of this kind.

The question now must be asked, "Who are the weapons really being given to?"  Reuters gives the following statement regarding the cooperation between NATO and Russian forces:

          "NATO and Russian warships would provide strong protection to a ship carrying some of the world's most dangerous cargo."

Official statements say that the Cape Ray will be carrying the chemical weapons.  If this is the case, then why was their no mention of the Cape Ray in the above quote?  Could it be possible that the authors of the article have information regarding the real identity of the ship to be handling Syria's chemical weapons?  It is possible.

In a related article published Feb. 11, The Obama Administration admitted to wrestling with a decision to kill a United States citizen with a drone strike.  The Obama administration gave the information to both CBS News and the Associated Press (AP) the identity of the country in which the drone strike would take place, yet asked them not to reveal the location because officials believed publishing it "could interrupt ongoing counterterror operations."

So what we have here is a clear case of the transfer of chemical weapons from one nation to another under the cover of chemical weapons disposal.  Such an act is considered illegal under the Chemical Weapons Convention, ratified by the United States in 1993, which prohibits the "development, production, acquisition, stockpiling, retention, and transfer or use of chemical weapons."

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Texas Police Double as Islamic Terrorist Militia

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The Open Scroll Blog

The Open Scroll Blog

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 06:56 AM PST
Occult Olympic Ceremony ritual - from the land of Prometheus. There's some very critical messages for this hour being transmitted!

Part 1 - The Ritual of the Fifth Ring
Part 2 - Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Silver Gate Transit, the Rite of Spring
Part 3 - The Ultimate Hoax
Part 4 - Zion and the Silver Gate
Part 5 - Opening Access to the Underworld Duat
Part 6 - Fly Away on Wings of Wind

Watch video clips that are the subjects of these posts here: Flash Videos - Opening Ceremony: Sochi Winter Olympics

Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony - 4 Video clips:
  • Countdown 666
  • The Dream - Video (Cyrillic Alphabet) Segment
  • The Dream - Live Performance
  • Rite of Spring - Apollo's Quadriga

* Why don't I just embed them here? Because of "Fair Use" content being blocked in popular video hosting sites I'm self-hosting these. The Flash player I'm using is not compatible with everyone's brower. If I embed them here on this page, some folks can't load this page of links.

More posts about Sochi 2014 Olympics:

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Part 19 - Signs of Horus Worship - The RAF, Sochi Olympics and the Laurel

Previous Olympics:

Series Links: 2012 London Olympics
Series Links: Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010
About the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and some related signs: Olympic Ceremony Symbolism - Part One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

What does the Olympic Rings logo Really Mean?

MessiahMews Blogs: Parens Patriae

MessiahMews Blogs: Parens Patriae: Parens Patriae [Latin, Parent of the country.] A doctrine that grants the inherent power and authority of the state to protect perso...

Recommended Article By Marshall Ramsey II: Nuclear Expert: "They must be terrified" at South Florida nuke plant; "The damn thing is grinding down" -- Gundersen: "Magnitude of what's going on at St. Lucie is off the charts"; 100 times worse than average

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Your friend, Marshall Ramsey II, has recommended this article entitled 'Nuclear Expert: "They must be terrified" at South Florida nuke plant; "The damn thing is grinding down" -- Gundersen: "Magnitude of what's going on at St. Lucie is off the charts"; 100 times worse than average' to you.

Here is his/her remark:

Nuclear Expert: "They must be terrified" at South Florida nuke plant; "The damn thing is grinding down" -- Gundersen: "Magnitude of what's going on at St. Lucie is off the charts"; 100 times worse than average

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Fw: The Open Scroll Blog - Sochi Winter Olympics; Celestial Stargate; Summoning Apollo

The Open Scroll Blog

The Open Scroll Blog

Posted: 22 Feb 2014 08:46 AM PST
By the time the video portion of the opening dream sequence concludes several scenes of transiting the Silver Gate have already been introduced. Following the video portion, a countdown featuring the 666 (mark of the beast) and 5 (Horus) (Part 2) marks the transition into the live action portion of the dream sequence. Another Silver Gate transit unfolds on the grand stage as the dreaming girl ascends with a kite in the spectacular setting of the underworld duat.

Looking beyond the trauma-based mind-control symbolism present, which I may cover in other postings, we see the Dreamer in this screenshot flying a kite, which seems to be ascending her up into the heavens.

The kite has streamers for a tail that are the colors of the rainbow. Allusion is made by those colorful streamers to the rainbow bridge, the Bifröst that bridges Asgard, the realm of the gods, and Midgard, the earthly realm. The direction of the Dreamer's journey to Asgard is actually downward, into the underworld Duat (Part 5) via the celestial Silver Gate. The moon is a very popular image used in scenes signaling a Silver Gate transit, and the Dreamer was ascended to the moon.

The way the directors and choreographers and videographers composed and edited the footage for broadcast provides for the proper associations of the key symbolic elements. Here's a screenshot of a transition where we see the kite lined up right in front of the moon, fading into a zoomed-in shot of the floating Dreamer holding the kite string.

About 4 seconds later, we see the transition pictured in this screenshot. Her head is superimposed over the moon.

Heliofant's viral video "I, pet goat II" is familiar to many of us. Compare this screenshot of the whirling Sufi Dervish ascending into the air toward the moon. This is just one of many of that video's Silver Gate transit scenes.

We're told at the beginning that she's an 11 year old, which is a signal Silver Gate number as the digits 1 and 1 are twins (Gemini - The Twins) and the numeral forms a graphical pillar or pair of pillars. The Dreamer is like Apollo 11, which we are told went to the moon. This live action part of the dream sequence is obviously connected with the earlier video, focused upon the Silver Gate transit into the underworld.

We're also told that she's in the 5th grade, signaling the basic number of Horus. During this scene we hear "5 1/2 hours" mentioned in the NLP-laden commentary, a very distinctive 5-Horus identification where "hours" is an anagram of "Horus."

Horus is being implied in the audio but where is he in the visual? He's the kite! The kind of kite being flown in the ceremony is a traditional diamond kite. The frame is in the form of a cross, a messianic symbol. The X is the sun god's mark. An "X in a box" is a pyramid, as seen from some angle looking down. "Kite" is a common name for birds of the family Accipitridae, like hawks, eagles, osprey and Old World vultures. Such birds as these are identified with the sun god, Horus, as Amaru and other phoenix and feathered serpent alias identities. The kite is also associated with the mother of Horus as she brings him forth from Osiris. "Isis is said in Ancient Egyptian mythology to have taken the form of a kite in various situations in order to resurrect the dead." ( Isis is the mother of Horus.

Kites ring the shaft of the ancient Egyptian obelisk in St Peter's Square at the Vatican.

To really grasp what is meant in context let's reflect upon what has already been established. The context of the show was laid out for us in the clever introduction (Part 3), in typical Occult fashion. This show is about the time when their champion Apollo is revealed, the one whom the Bible labels the Antichrist beast. See the moon featured in the ritual not as a common crescent but as a full moon in partial eclipse. Compare it with the moon in I, pet goat II explored in these two very important posts, Part 26 - Celestial Stargates - The Black Magick Baptist and
Part 27 - Celestial Stargates - The Black Magick Anointing. What's happening on stage is the featuring of a very specific Silver Gate transit, the one on the 13th day of the 1st month in 2015.

As I wrote in Part 3 of this series, there is a distinct focus of attention on a great hoax that will be perpetrated in connection with Apollo's appearance, which seems to me very likely to serve as introductory to his baptism and anointing by the Papal false prophet.

The thrust of the message, as you may recall, is described in the following verses.

1 Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, 2 that you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. ~ 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2

I believe that message will come as a demonstrative multimedia projection that is multidimensional, with supernatural components spanning the time dimension, and that it will be effectually painted upon the prepared canvas of the global population. Most would consider this all to be highly speculative, but what I'm telling you is not without substance, which many of you who have been following the blog closely know very well.

When the Dreamer and kite are flown up to the moon in the live action sequence that Silver Gate transit matches to those modelings present in the video portion. Symmetry, with the pivot on the countdown; the essential balance. The two ways of presenting this imagery are thus combined, video and live action together, to illustrate the nature of the hoax. That might not sound very impressive but it will be. In recent years, technologies overlaying reality with virtual reality have been developed and many kinds of devices on this line have been produced, but these are merely suggesting the level of engagement that is coming. The Devil is not going to leave anything on the table.

During the live action Dream ritual, the audio supplements the visual imagery with more coded commentary that is synchronized with the imagery seen in the screenshots above.

"David, this is a chance for the Russians to talk about the vast size of their country. If you get in a plane in New York and fly to Los Angeles it's 5 1/2 hours, 3 time zones, here it's 9 time zones. [David:] Nine time zones and maybe a ten hour flight from end to end. And the vastness of the country is part of the character of the country; it's part of the politics of the country. It's always been the justification for why an iron hand is needed in Moscow. That's why Putin thinks that central authority is so important, partly the size of Russia. "

Ignore the pretext about Putin and Russia and the size of their country. The real story here is about when the beast is being revealed, when Horus is emerging through the Silver Gate and incarnating in a way that transforms some notable man, someone connected with "the politics of the country," perhaps. The scale here really extends beyond the national to the global. Another expression dropped on us was this gem, "an iron hand is needed." The iron kingdom with the mixture of clay was prophesied in Daniel 2. There is the matter of a rule with a rod or scepter of iron that probably sticks in the Devil's craw. (Revelation 19:15, Psalm 2:9, Revelation 2:27)

Right after that, "central authority is so important" is heard. Here's a relevant passage about central authority.

12 The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour. 13 These have one purpose, and they give their power and authority to the beast. ~ Revelation 17:12-13

When they talk about the size of the country they avoid using terms of distance measurement like miles or kilometers. They conceptualize it in terms of time zones and the length of time it takes to traverse it in a plane. "If you get in a plane in New York and fly to Los Angeles it's 5 1/2 hours, 3 time zones, here it's 9 time zones. [David:] Nine time zones and maybe a ten hour flight from end to end." Space and time, space-time dimensionality. Time, as I demonstrate in the Celestial Stargates series, is very often referenced in the context of stargate transit signaling. In Sochi's opener, here it is yet again! The flight from end to end that is really meant is not one spanning Russia but rather heaven and earth, or rather the pictured underworld Duat and the earth.

On the subject of time, let's return to the transcript of the introduction to the Dream segment.

"...Lester Holt is with us, as is Apolo Ohno, and after waiting seven years to bring these games to Sochi, the Russians are going to start things off tonight with a video that's going to touch on some of their favorite moments, their proudest achievements, their most iconic people, all connected to a letter of the Cyrillic Alphabet and then Meredith will recite the Cyrillic alphabet in just a second."

We really can't just dismiss the final bit as being just a comedic element with a figure of speech. Imagine Meredith reciting "the Cyrillic alphabet in just a second," literally, in a single second of time. There are 33 letters in that alphabet. That's some fast talking! That impossibly fast. It's an expression of the kind of time control and compression I've been blogging about in connection with the opening of stargates.

It should be noted that Code 33 is evident in this commentary. To recite the 33 letter alphabet in one second of time is to encapsulate 33 into a single unit, which is a kind of feature I've called out several times in the Code 33 series. To lavish attention on the 33 letter alphabet in an elaborate exhibition of "their favorite moments, their proudest achievements, their most iconic people" in the Occult signaling way they did is definitely Code 33!

Their clever commentary contains the allusion to 5-Horus in "5 1/5 hours," which I mentioned earlier, plus there's a couple more very significant numbers relating to the transit. What "3 time zones," and "9 time zones" says to me is about the celestial zones or constellations which also span time in relationship with the earth. I've written on more than one occasion about how the "9th gate" is a reference to Taurus, the 9th sign of the Zodiac, and the Silver Gate. The 3rd sign is Scorpio, which is involved with Sagittarius in flanking the Golden Gate. When the commentator connects New York and Los Angeles he identifies locations that are frequently connected with the Silver and Golden Gates. The city of Los Angeles is a city of "the angels," a fact that should not be overlooked for what it also brings to the NLP recipe.

When I watch the live action Dream sequence and consider what the commentator said, "If you get in a plane in New York," with the full moon in eclipse, what comes vividly to mind is a scene I blogged about back in 2009. This was the 4th of a 5 part sequence that appeared on the home page of If that's not familiar, I highly recommend giving it some attention because there's some amazing insight to be gleaned. When I wrote it, I didn't know about the Silver Gate, but that's what's being signaled as she's on her way to the counterfeit ZION. NYC is pictured, and the full moon, and a plane appears. See the toroidal bracelet she wears? Torus ~ Taurus!

As the floating islands begin to come to our attention in Sochi's opening Dream sequence, we hear a haunting song being sung, a Russian classic from Alexander Borodin's long opera Prince Igor. It's a piece called "Fly away on the wings of the wind" from the "Gliding Dance of the Maidens." (Polovtsian Dances). You can read the lyrics here on Wikipedia. More than simply pretext, it seems well adapted to the esoteric scenario I've described.

In this screenshot from the NBC broadcast you see the underworld's dimensional vehicle cloud in the midst of the celestial Silver Gate imagery, between the girl and the kite, and partially eclipsing the silvery moon.

We were told during the ceremonies that the Russians enlisted the help of others from around the world to make this production happen. It's a supranational effort with supranational goals. This transends the presentation of games and flames. Apollo is about to be welcomed back into this realm. The world cries out for him to present himself. His arrival and what surrounds it is being ritually enacted on stages of every kind, and supported off-stage by blood and sex magick ritual. Are you ready to play your part in the drama, as a sacrifice? Prepare, prepare, prepare, as we were warned at the recent Super Bowl half-time show. Take all this messaging seriously. Your enemies are not joking about this. They know what time it is, and they are well prepared to do what must be done.

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Your friend, Marshall Ramsey II, has recommended this article entitled 'Canadian Gov't: "There's going to be radiation from Fukushima for years to come... Testing will never stop" -- US Gov't: There's no reason to believe radioactive plume coming to West Coast' to you.

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Canadian Gov't: "There's going to be radiation from Fukushima for years to come... Testing will never stop" -- US Gov't: There's no reason to believe radioactive plume coming to West Coast

Article from - Energy News -
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Recommended Article By Marshall Ramsey II: U.S. Gov't-funded Study: West Coast and Hawaii residents are Fukushima downwinders -- Effects of this radiation exposure expected to be 'beneficial'

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Your friend, Marshall Ramsey II, has recommended this article entitled 'U.S. Gov't-funded Study: West Coast and Hawaii residents are Fukushima downwinders -- Effects of this radiation exposure expected to be 'beneficial'' to you.

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U.S. Gov't-funded Study: West Coast and Hawaii residents are Fukushima downwinders -- Effects of this radiation exposure expected to be 'beneficial'

Article from - Energy News -
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Recommended Article By Marshall Ramsey II: Tokyo Press Conference: "Deliberate cover-up" of public's exposure to Fukushima radiation and the health problems they are suffering from... This is now Japan's biggest problem -- "Continual, purposeful concealment of facts" -- "Media will not properly report" this (VIDEO)

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Your friend, Marshall Ramsey II, has recommended this article entitled 'Tokyo Press Conference: "Deliberate cover-up" of public's exposure to Fukushima radiation and the health problems they are suffering from... This is now Japan's biggest problem -- "Continual, purposeful concealment of facts" -- "Media will not properly report" this (VIDEO)' to you.

Here is his/her remark:

Tokyo Press Conference: "Deliberate cover-up" of public's exposure to Fukushima radiation and the health problems they are suffering from... This is now Japan's biggest problem -- "Continual, purposeful concealment of facts" -- "Media will not properly report" this (VIDEO)

Article from - Energy News -
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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Historical Life of Perseus

By:  Marshall Ramsey II

Chapter 1:  Prelude To Perseus

It happened to be about the time that the Israelites were in Egypt as slaves (about 1600-1500 BC), before the birth of Moses, that two sons were born to Abas, King of Argos, and his wife Aglaia, daughter of one Mantineus, whose names were Akrisios, now spelled Acrisius, and Proitos, now spelled Proetus.  These two brothers, as happens from time to time, fought with each other while yet in their mother's womb.  Their behavior continued even into their adulthood; for when it came time to receive their inheritance, they strove against one another.

Acrisius won and drove his brother Proetus out of Argos.  Being exiled, Proetus sought refuge with King Iobates, called Amphianax, in Lycia and eventually married his daughter Anteia, who is called Stheneboia.  After a time Proetus was escorted back to Tiryns by his father-in-law's army and seized control of it, having been walled walled for him by the Kyklopes, whom we call Cyclopes.  Acrisius, being frightened by the possibility of a new war with not only his brother but also the Lycian army and the Cyclopes, decided to make peace with Proetus.  They decided to split their father's kingdom of Argeia between them, with Akrisios (Acrisius) becoming lord of Argos, and Proetus lord of Tyrins, which became the father of the Tyrrhenians.

Chapter 2:  The Birth Of Perseus

Now it came to pass that Acrisius had married Eurydice, the daughter of King Lakedaimon and had a daughter named Danae.  Although Acrisius loved Danae, his inability to produce sons bothered him, so he consults the oracle at Delphi, who tells him that a son born of his daughter would slay him.

King Acrisius began to panic.  In order to keep his own life, yet not willing to kill his daughter, built a prison for her made of brass.  It was made underground with only one door and an open roof, although the reason for the open roof is a mystery.

While Danae was locked into this room, a devil had come to her in the form of Judah, the son of Israel and surrounded himself with golden light.  This was done so that he might lie with Danae, being filled with lust for her.  Their union resulted in Danae becoming pregnant with Perseus

It came to pass that after nine months, Danae gave birth to Perseus.  When King Acrisius heard about it (the thing was kept from him at the first, that his daughter was pregnant), he straightway ordered them to be locked in a box and thrown into the sea.

Now Argos is a great way from Seriphos (which now is spelled Serifos), being approximately 90 miles by sea distant.  As the box was sealed shut and no air could get in, Danae was sure that she and her newborn son would die.  God, however, had other plans.  As soon as Danae and Perseus were cast into the sea, the LORD Jehovah (Jehovah being the origin of the word Jove, and not the other way around); the LORD JEHOVAH caused a great wave to come up from the sea and speed Perseus and Danae to Serifos.  It is for this reason that the LORD is falsely called Poseidon, because that he caused the great wave to come up and carry Perseus and his mother to safety.

A short while later, when Perseus and Danae's oxygen had almost run out, a fisherman by the name of Diktys (Dictys) happened to be on the shore of Serifos rinsing out his nets.  It just so happened that Dictys saw the box that contained Perseus and Danae floating nearby and pulled it to land.  Danae, weak from lack of oxygen, heard Dictys pulling the box ashore and began banging on the side of the box.

The box itself was built out of pine trees, which is good for making boats, and covered in pitch, which is the boiled sap of the pine tree.  It is believed that the box was sealed with chains and the royal seal of Argos placed upon it so that all would know who cast the box into the sea, and who sealed the box.  Dictys, when he heard Danae beating her fists against the side of the box, grabbed his hammer, broke the chains and seal, and opened the box.

Perseus and Danae were free.  After the lid was removed from the box, Danae took in many great gulps of air.  Looking upon her savior, Danae, after making sure Perseus was safe, threw her arms around Dictys and began sobbing with relief, thankful that both she and her child were delivered from death.  Upon looking in the box and seeing young Perseus, Dictys picked him up and handed him to his mother, who embraced him very strongly and whispered comforting words to her newborn son.

After arriving at his home, Dictys set some food before Danae, who gratefully ate it.  While Danae was eating, she relayed to Dictys the events leading up to her being found in the box:  How that she was the daughter of King Acrisius of Argos and his wife Eurydice (who was the daughter of King Lacedaimon, father of the Lacedaemonians and grandson of Atlas); how that her father received a prophecy that a child born to her would kill him and how she was imprisoned for this; how that she had come to lay with the devil who called himself Zeus (she did not believe he was a god afterward, but did recognize that someone not human had lain with her), her pregnancy, the birth of Perseus, and her and Perseus being locked in the box and cast into the sea.

Dictys, upon hearing all this and realizing that she could never go home, offered to let Danae and Perseus live with him in his house.  She accepted.  However, still fearing her father, King Acrisius, she married him under the name Clymene in the hopes that her father would never find her and attempt to kill her and Perseus.

Over passage of time, Dictys and Danae fell in love and eventually married.  Dictys, having grown fond of Perseus, adopted him and raised him as his own.  Only Perseus, Dictys, and Danae knew the truth.

Chapter 3:  Death of Medusa

Now the ruler of Seriphos was Polydectes, Dictys' brother.  He had fallen in love with Danae, who was then known as Clymene, but was unable to lay with her, because Perseus, now a man, had sworn to kill anyone who attempted to lay with Danae while Dictys was locked up (King Polydectes had thrown Dictys in jail so that he might have sex with Danae.)

Polydectes, after many unfruitful months of trying to pursue Danae, decided to have Perseus killed.  Not willing to do this himself, or unable, he made noise that he planned to marry Hippodameia, the daughter of Oinomaos, King of Pisa in Elis (Italy).  As a dowry to her father, Polydectes requested horses from his friends and servants that he might use to pay for Hippodameia's hand.

Perseus, not having a horse to give, said he would give any other gift to the king, no matter what it was.  This Perseus said thinking that Polydectes had given up his pursuit of his mother, not suspecting the treachery.  Perseus said he would even give him the head of Medusa, whose real name was Keren-happuch

Keren-happuch was the daughter of Job (also called Phorcys), the great-grandson of Eber, the father of all Hebrews.  Her husband was a member of the Gurage, a race of people descended from Magog, the son of Japheth.  She lived on Erytheia, a large island in the Red Sea, between what is now Saudi Arabia and Eritrea (Eritrea is a variation of Erytheia.)

So at the advice of King Polydectes, Perseus booked passage to Egypt on a Phoenician ship that was heading to Egypt from Tyre.  He then sought out three sisters named Enyo, Pephredo, and Deino, which were Anamim, priestesses of Horus.

It was rumored that they had only one eye and one tooth between them, however this is not the case.  What happened is that the three women prophesied the same thing when they prophesied (they were known as prophetesses).  The manner in which they did this was to hold up an amulet featuring the Eye of Horus, also called the 'all-seeing eye', to their foreheads, believing it to give them power to see into the future.

Upon finding them, Perseus tried to persuade them to tell him how to reach the Nymphai, which had items that he could use to kill Medusa.  They refused.  Perseus, knowing their manner of prophesying, and knowing that they would not prophesy without the medallion, took the medallion from them (for the three sisters were very old) and refused to give it back to them unless they told him what he wanted to know.

They relented, and offered to take Perseus to the Nymphai in exchange for returning the medallion to them.

After reaching the Nymphai, Perseus handed them back their 'eye' as he had promised.  After talking with the Nymphai and telling them what he was going to do, the Nymphai gave Perseus sandals with natural rubber on them which would help him to run faster.  They also gave Perseus food and new clothes in a bag to refresh himself on the way.

They also gave Perseus an ancestral helmet of Ham the son of Noah, who became known as Hades.  Inasmuch as Egypt was called the underworld and Hades the god of the underworld, so it is that Ham, being Hades, became lord over Egypt after the great flood.  This helmet, which was more of a suit used by special forces groups called a ghili, I think, was of a camouflage design which, when used in jungle warfare, would render the wearer invisible to his enemies while letting the wearer see what was happening around him.

Perseus left them and made his way to what is now called the Indian Ocean.  From there he sailed north to Erytheia and located the cave where Keren-happuch slept.  (Keren-happuch in her later years began to consult with devils, which is one reason for the serpents appearing on her as hair in the mythology.)  Perseus, being told beforehand what Keren-happuch looked like, proceeded to cut off her head and place it in his kibisis, the sack that he received at the hands of the Nymphai.

Now Keren-happuch (who was also called Neith), while she was yet alive, wore in her hair the scales of the horned viper (Cerastes cerastes).  She also had large protruding teeth which some compared to the tusks of a wild pig; (she fastened these herself so that she could drink human blood; this is the origin of vampires having pointed teeth), she wore bracelets made of bronze which covered her hands, of very fine craftsmanship.  According to Pausanias, she also had golden wings that she used to fly, although I do not know what these wings were made of.  It is from this that the Native American shamans get their 'eagle feathers dance.'  I say this because I do not know the name of the dance, or if it is the only one to use such decorations.  Either way, it appears to have its origins in Egyptian religions.  It was called the Behedeti and was used as a symbol of Horus of Edfu.

CHAPTER 4:  The Death of Atlas

Now it happened that after Perseus (also called Eurymedon) had killed Keren-happuch, a.k.a. Medusa, he headed back to Seryphos by way of eastern Libya (modern Saudi Arabia).  (The continent of Africa was after the flood knocked for a loop as it were.  When the continents were broken up and set adrift, Africa began to spin, winding upside down.  It is for this reason that the nation of Egypt as we now know it was called Lower Egypt and modern Ethiopia, then a part of Egypt, was called Upper Egypt.)  On his way, he met a man of great strength who today is called Atlas, ancestor of the Lacedaemonians, but in old times was called Tubal.  Tubal was very wealthy, and was the king of a number of lands in north-western Africa.  His hair was very coarse, ofttimes being compared to trees.  He also had bony protrusions on his shoulders, hands, and head, as his mother was the grand daughter of what is called a devil.  It is also through his (Tubal's) mother that the bloodline of Cain, the brother and murderer of Abel, survived.

Tubal also carried a heavy heart, in that Atlantis, the great island of the world, had sunk beneath the ocean.  After the great flood, much of the earth's landmasses were broken up and set adrift.  Atlantis, being aforetime located just above what is now North America, had sunk into the sea, the grave of which can be seen in the Azore islands in the north Atlantic.  Tectonic plate movements at the time had caused a great rift in the ocean floor.  The drifting Atlantis, not being anchored on solid ground, sank very swiftly, both beneath the ocean floor and into what is now considered mythology.

It happened to be that Keren-happuch was precious in the sight of Tubal, though how or why this relationship developed I do not know.  Perseus, knowing his ancestry from King Acrisius, discovered that he was the descendant of Belus the Egyptian, who is identified in mythology as Marduk, and in Judeo-Christian scriptures as Nimrod, knew that Tubal was his cousin, albeit an old connection.  Perseus had heard tales of Tubal's great strength and looked up to him as a role model.  Unbeknownst to Perseus, however, was the fact that Keren--happpuch was favored of Tubal.  Only on his heading back to Seriphus did Perseus learn of the connection.

Perseus was eventually brought before Tubal, seeking permission to lodge in his palace for a night.  He had learned beforehand that Tubal loved two things:  genealogy and adventure.  In an attempt to persuade Tubal to let him stay, Perseus began to tell him of his descendancy from that thing he called Zeus, and would have told him tales of his deeds in the army of King Polydectes had Tubal not cut him off from speaking.  Tubal had been warned beforehand by Themis, the daughter of Reu, a.k.a. Caelus and Uranus, and Gaia, the daughter of Nimrod, who is called Chaos; he had been warned beforehand by Themis that one claiming to be a descendant of Jehovah would steal his admiration among men.  Tubal, fearing this, had hired men from Assyria to guard his orchard continually.

It came to pass that Perseus had come before Tubal at the time of apple harvesting, requesting lodging from him.  Tubal, upon hearing of Perseus' ancestry, told him to leave, saying that his deeds were fake and that even Jehovah, falsely called Jupiter, whom Perseus worshipped, could not save him, as Tubal had purposed in his heart to kill Perseus.

Perseus was greatly offended at this.  Perseus replied to Tubal, "Since you hold my love for you so light a thing, this is a gift I have brought you."  Perseus then pulled Medusa's head out of the bag and showed it to Tubal, a.k.a. Atlas.  Upon seeing the head of his beloved Keren-happuch, he straightly had a heart attack and died.  Perseus departed swiftly for home.

The servants of Tubal took his body and buried it in a cave in Mount Toubkal, which is just under 40 miles south of the city of Marrakesh, Morocco.

Chapter 5:  The Rescue of Andromeda; The Fiery Serpents

After leaving Atlantia (an arbitrary name given to Tubal's kingdom), Perseus made his way back through Ethiopia, intending to catch a ship in Tyre and sail the rest of the way to Seriphos.  Now Ethiopia (formerly Aethiopia) was ruled by King Cepheus, the son of Agenor, the son of Cepheus.

It happened that a short time earlier, King Cepheus' wife Kassiopei/Cassiopeia had boasted that her daughter Andromeda was as great in beauty as the Nereids, the daughters of Nereus who is the grandson of Peleg ben Eber and the brother of Phorcys, who is called Job.  The daughters of Nereus got their noses stuck up in the air, angry that they were not considered the fairest in the land (Job's daughters were fairer still).  Nereus' daughters were followers of Moloch, the god of the Ammonites, and regularly made prayers and offerings to him.

At that time, there was an over-flowing tide that came upon the land and with it a great fish called a ketos.  King Kepheus and his wife Cassiopeia were told by the prophet/oracle of Ammon, that these tides and this sea monster would go away if they would sacrifice Andromeda to the great fish, that is, let the fish eat her.  Under pressure from his fellow Ethiopians, Kepheus agreed.

The tide was coming in and time was running out for Andromeda.  Her father had just had her chained to a rock to await her death.  The tide was coming in, and with that, the great fish.

Perseus happened along the coastline where Andromeda was chained, and seeing her went down to her to find out why she was chained there.

"My father thinks that by sacrificing me to this beast, the floods on this land will stop.  He believes this is happening because my mother boasted that I am as beautiful as my cousins.  Please, rescue me before it is too late."

"I will save you," Perseus replied, and with that he proceeded to break Andromeda's chains that had bound her to the rock.

It was while Perseus was trying to free her, that the tide came fully in.  The rock to which Andromeda was chained was not covered by the waters of the tide however, it did allow for a killer whale, called a blackfish, to beach itself and eat whatever was trapped on the rocks.

Now the killer whale is not a violent creature.  However, this particular one, due to the amount of people it was fed, had developed a taste for human flesh.  It had learned that from time to time people would be chained to the very rock that Andromeda was chained to and left to die.  Onward the monster came, up on the rocks and very hungry.

Freeing Andromeda would have to wait.  Perseus drew his sword and began to strike at the whale.  The whale fought back, seeking time after time to bite Perseus and consume this pesky little thing that gave him so much trouble.  However, this was not to be.  After landing numerous blows to the great fish's body, and avoiding being eaten on a number of occasions, Perseus finally slew the monster that had plagued the coast of Ethiopia for these great many years.

After finally breaking Andromeda's bonds, she held him in a grateful embrace, thanking him over and over for rescuing her.  Now it happened that there was a certain Phineus, the brother of King Cepheus, who was betrothed to Andromeda.  He had watched Andromeda being chained, watched the tide come in, and was waiting for Poseidon (for that was what they named the great fish) to devour his bride-to-be.

Upon seeing Perseus rescue Andromeda, (he lifted not his finger to help), Phineus went to claim Andromeda for himself.  Andromeda, marking his cowardice, rebuked him, saying, "You left me to die on that rock, and I was your beloved!  This man, a stranger, freed me out of the goodness of his heart.  My heart and my hand both belong to him."

Phineus was incensed.  He immediately turned and left the area and went to plot Perseus' death.  In the meantime, Andromeda took Perseus to meet her King Kepheus, and proclaimed to him that Perseus had rescued her.

King Cepheus, aside from having a moment of extreme stupidity, did love Andromeda his daughter.  As Queen Cassiopeia embraced Andromeda, King Cepheus humbled himself before Perseus, and before Andromeda, and asked her forgiveness.  Andromeda forgave him, but asked of her father what manner of reward would be given him.

"What manner of reward would you like, seeing you have done this great thing?" asked the king.

"I would ask for the hand of your daughter Andromeda, seeing as I have rescued her and she has already pledged it to me."

"So be it," replied the king.

Now Phineus was coming in before the king at that time, and protested to the king Kepheus, saying that Andromeda was promised to him.  He also said that Perseus had not killed the beast through valiance, but some trickery.  He then demanded that Perseus tell him what deeds he had done that would be worthy of Andromeda's hand.

Perseus then reported how he had been in the army of King Polydectes, and how he had recently come back from killing Neith (Medusa) and was responsible for the death of Atlas, whose real name was Tubal.

Phineus, upon hearing this, balked at Perseus, thinking that all this was impossible.  Perseus, before forewarned of the LORD to carry Medusa's head with him when he went to meet King Cepheus, removed Keren-happuch's head from the sack and showed it to him.  Phineus, upon seeing the head of Keren-Happuch, also went rigid and dropped dead from a heart attack, albeit this one was due to Phineus being overcome with anger so that it quit working due to extreme apoptosis.  Since Phineus' friends had also conspired with him to kill Perseus, the Lord turned their hearts to stone also, seeing that they were confederate against Perseus, the Lord's anointed.

Now a strange thing happened  after this.  When Perseus was minded to go back to Seriphos, he went across the what is now known as the Sinai Peninsula.  It happened at that time that blood from Neith's severed head began to leak and fall on the sand.  From this blood, rose up fiery red serpents that went along the coast until they reach a migrant people recently come up out of Egypt.  This people had offended their God greatly, speaking against his servant Moses, and against him.  The LORD had changed the blood from Medusa's severed head into serpents (as he changed Moses' staff into a serpent in Egypt when he confronted Thutmose III) and used them to afflict his people Israel.  All this happened before the children of Israel came to the city of Oboth.

Chapter 6:  Danae and Dictys Avenged; The Death of Acrisius

Polydectes was having a royal fit.  He had recently learned that Perseus had survived his encounter with Keren-happuch.  Not only that, he succeeded in killing her, a feat long thought impossible.  He took to using violence against his people, if nothing more than he thought they looked at him wrong.

Danae and Dictys were no exception.  In order to escape persecution, they sought refuge in the LORD's temple, for Polydectes regarded it as holy, even though he had not respect to God.

After a number of days, he decided to throw a party for himself and his friends, possibly to calm his nerves.  A banquet was set, candles were lit, and there was much music.  When Perseus had learned that Polydectes was in his palace, he proceeded there with Neith's head (he previously had put Andromeda in the temple with Danae and Dictys so that she wouldn't suffer any hurt.)

King Polydectes' spine began to soften at the sight of Perseus.

"Perseus!  Welcome back.  I have heard that you just got back from your quest.  Were you able to succeed in bringing me my gift?"

"I was," replied Perseus.  "I also picked up a few other things along the way."  This Perseus said regarding his new wife Andromeda, and the fact that Polydectes was persecuting his people, especially his mother and father (Dictys eventually adopted him,) howbeit he did not tell Polydectes these things.  "Here, my king.  A gift for your wedding."

With that, Perseus proceeded to pull out Neith's head from the kibisis and present it to King Polydectes and his friends.  The sighte of Neith's head, with the serpent scales and beads in it, and the sound it made frightened the king and his friends so that they died.

Upon seeing that King Polydectes and his friends were dead, Perseus sent word to Dictys, Danae, and Andromeda in the LORD's temple that it was safe for them to come out, that Polydectes was dead, and their persecution was over.

Word spread quickly that Polydectes was dead.  The land was without a king and violence would become widespread in the vacuum unless a new one was appointed.

Perseus sensing this, immediately called for the townspeople to gather at the palace.

"In as much as the LORD my God has delivered the King Polydectes into my hand, his life was made forfeit against his wickedness," Perseus said.  "However, the LORD has not saw fit to make me king over Seriphos, but he has chosen Dictys to be king instead.  He will be a good king, one that is familiar with the suffering of his people, and will rule over you with equity.  Long live the King!"

"Long live King Dictys!" the people shouted.

After this, Perseus and Andromeda went to Argos to see King Acrisius.  Perseus had wanted to tell Acrisius that he bore him no ill will, even despite trying to kill him and him mother, and to tell him all was well with both of them.  Acrisious, however, remembered the oracle that he had received those 30+ years ago, that a son of Danae would kill him.  Hearing that Perseus was on his way to see him, and not believing that Perseus had forgiven him, King Acrisius left Argos and headed for Pelasgian lands.  (Pelasgian means lands of Pallas.)

It was at this time in the land of Larissa that Teutamides the king, had recently buried his father, Amyntor.  In honor of his father, Teutamides decided to hold an athletic contest.  It also happened that Perseus and Andromeda were passing through at the same time on their way to Argos.  Deciding on a brief stop to rest up, and hearing that his grandfather, King Acrisious had fled from him, he thought that by participating in the games it would cheer him up a bit.

The event was the pentathlon.  Perseus, after having made it through the first two events had his try at the discus throw.  Perseus spun around and let the discus fly.  Perseos intended for the discus to travel down field, however, at the last moment, Perseus tripped, and the discus went sailing into the crowd.

Unbeknownst to Perseus, King Acrisius was in the group of people that the discus flew into.  The discus hit Acrisius in the foot, causing him to go bend forward in extreme pain.  King Acrisius managed to free his foot from the weight of the discus.  Unable to withstand the pain, he passed out, stumblimg forward, hitting his head on a rock, killing him instantly.

Perseus, upon learning what was done, buried King Acrisius outside the city.  As Acrisius had no male heir to pass on his kingdom, it fell to Perseus that he should be king of Argos.

Perseus, however, was ashamed at what he had done, even though it was an accident.  So instead of taking possession of Argos himself, he went to see Megapenthes the son of Proitos at Tyrins and made a trade with him.  Perseus handed him control over all Argive lands, and Perseus became king of Tiryns, Mideia, and Mykenai, making fortified cities of both Mideia and Mycenai.

Chapter 7:  War With Dionysus

Being urged on by the Holy Ghost (who is falsely called Hera), Perseus began to make war on the Satyroi, the followers of Dionysus, called Liaios,  The Satyroi came from the Egyptian city of Mendes, and were worshippers of Baphomet.  "Turn towards Lyaios (Dionysus) Medusa's head, and let me see a new Polydectes made stone.  Kill the Egyptians, and change their women (Bassarides/Maenids) into stone.  Make you statues of them and adorn your streets with their likenesses.  Make also statues like an artist for the Inakhian market-places."

Perseus did as the LORD bade him.  He lifted up Medusa's head against Dionysus, called Iobakkhos.  Dionysus would have fallen, but he had marshalled his Bassarides into fighting for him.
As Perseus shook Medusa's head, the LORD sent great delusion among the Baccharides, causing them to become paralyzed with fear.  This he also did with the followers of Mendes; when Perseus lifted up Medusa's head, (Medusa real name is Neith); when Perseus raised up Medusa's head and shook it, the LORD caused the followers of Baphomet (Satyroi) also to become paralyzed with fear.
Once this was done, Perseus went through and slew them.  Thus Jehovah won a great victory for Perseus that day.

After Dionysus waged war on Perseus and the Argives, he laid aside his enmity.  In the process of battle, one woman of note was also paralyzed and killed, Ariadne, the daughter of Helios, of the lineage of Caelus, called Uranus, whom the Jews call Reu.  Ariadne was the wife of Dionysus.

A temple was built to honor Dionysus in Argos in later years.  Upon preparing the foundation of the temple, an earthenware sarcophagus was found.  Inside it was the body of Ariadne.
Some dispute exists as to whether or not she was buried there by Dionysus.  One account says that she was buried there after the temple was built.  Another, by a man named Lykeas, says that when the temple was being built, an earthenware sarcophagus was uncovered, and that was the coffin of Ariadne.
Lykeas says he and others saw the coffin, apparently as it was discovered.  I think it was a bit of both.  Dionysus did bury Ariadne where her sarcophagus was found, however, the temple was later built, on top of her grave.

Another woman of note was buried in Argos, Khorea by name.  She appears to have been one of the women who went to war against Perseus.  Although not much is known about her, we do know that she was buried near the tomb of Zeus Nemeios, in front of the temple of Hera Anthea.  For reasons unknown to us, Perseus granted her to be buried in a grave apart from the other women that went to war against him.  It may be due to Khorea's genealogy.

A brief note on the identity of Dionysus:  Dionysus is called the son of Zeus.  There are many Zeuses mentioned throughout the world of "mythology."  This particular Zeus happened to be Zerah, the son of Judah, and brother of Pharez.  Research into the identity of Dionysus suggests that Dionysus is actually Zimri the son of Zerah, a.k.a. Zarah.

Chapter 8:  The Death of Perseus

The death of Perseus is a mysterious one.  Only one known record, Pseudo-Hyginus' Fabulae 244 (trans. Grant), mentions Perseus' death.  He is said to be killed by Megapenthes, the son of Proetus, for the killing of his father.  It is possible that in the battle against Dionysus, Proetus fought alongside Dionysus and fell victim to Medusa's curse, that is, he became paralyzed with fear and dropped dead of a heart attack.

The manner in which Megapenthes killed Perseus is also unknown.  It may be that Megapenthes killed him by lying in wait for him and killing him that way, or it may be by poisoning.  The latter seems the most likely to me, given that Perseus had a reputation for being a fierce warrior.  All that is known for certain is that Megapenthes is credited for killing Perseus.

The location of Perseus' grave is also unknown.  It is possible that he is buried near the outskirts of ancient Mycenae as that is said to be the seat of his kingdom.

Chapter 9:  Children and Descendants of Perseus

Concerning whether or not Perseus had any children, the answer is yes.  Perseus and Andromeda's first child was Perses, who, after he was born was left with King Cepheus to be his heir as Cepheus had no male children to carry on his kingdom.  After this, in Mycenae, he had Alkaios, Sthenelos, Heleios, Mestor, Electryon, all sons, and one daughter named Gorgophone who became with to Perieres.  Gorgophone's grave is located in Argos, beside a monument of Neith, who is called Medusa.

Perseus also had another son, Kynouros by name, while in Mycenae.  However, it may be that Kynouros is not mentioned in other accounts of the children of Perseus due to disagreements of other writers who did not like the Spartans, in whose territory the Kynourians (descendants of Kynouros) resided, perhaps because of a moment of infidelity on the part of Perseus.

These are the children of Perseus as it is known at this time.  The descendants of Perseus' children are too numerous to mention, however I will name a few.  The Persian kings such as Darius and Xerxes, obviously. Herakles, called Hercules,  He was real, being the offspring of another devil using the name Zeus or Jove, which is a shortened form of the name Jehovah.  (This appears most likely given their hatred of God.)

The royal family of Sparta are among them, as are the royal family of Messenia.  King Zenter of the Scythians, and Protothyes his brother; Esdron King of Troy and his children; Antenor I, King of Troy; Priam III, King of the Cimmerians; Gentilanor and his son Almadius; Dilulius II, King of the Cimmerians; Antenor I of the Sicambri, and so on.


Perseus was a real person as has been demonstrated in the previous chapters.  Danae, Acrisius, Proetus and Abas, Lynceus, etc... all these are real people.  Real myths don't have flesh and blood descendants.  In conducting my own genealogy research, I have discovered that I am a descendant of Perseus through both the kings of Persia and the kings of England, who are descendants of the Cimmerian kings.  There is none alive today who doubts that Elizabeth II, Queen of England, her son, Prince Charles, and his son Prince William, are myths.

The stories that you have known to be mythologies are true.  They can be a bit jumbled at times, especially when trying to work out genealogies and time periods.  Evidence suggests that there was a purposeful attempt to hide both the chronological and genealogical accuracy of these accounts, as though someone did not want the truth to be known.  So when you hear the tale of Bellerophon attempting to ride Pegasus to Mt. Olympus only to be struck down and live the rest of his days as a hermit, you can believe it.  While I doubt the existence of a winged horse, there is still a measure of truth to be found.

Evidence of Perseus and the fiery serpents can still be seen today.  The Great Wall of Gorgan is a red-brick wall in the form of a serpent that stretches from Gorgan in northeastern Iran to the southwestern corner of the Caspian Sea.  The wall is 121 miles (195 km).long as is known by other names, one of which is The Red Snake.

Start reading and see what you can find.  For certain you will not be bored.