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Fw: [New post] Knife Attack Against Zionist Soldier Nov 3014 was Faked by the Israelis

I don't agree with the anti-Semitism here, but the stabbing is definitely a fake.
drkresearch posted: "Knife Attack Against Zionist Soldier Nov. 2014 Was Faked by the Israelis It is said that on Nov. 10, 2014, an Israeli solider in Tel Aviv was killed in a knife attack by a Palestinian man. There is no basis for this. It was all fake, a 100% fraud. Yet, a"

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Knife Attack Against Zionist Soldier Nov 3014 was Faked by the Israelis

by drkresearch
Knife Attack Against Zionist Soldier Nov. 2014 Was Faked by the Israelis
It is said that on Nov. 10, 2014, an Israeli solider in Tel Aviv was killed in a knife attack by a Palestinian man. There is no basis for this. It was all fake, a 100% fraud. Yet, according to the Tazpit News Agency per author Dave Bender (the lies thus  being repeated here as follows):
IDF soldier, Sgt. Almog Shiloni, 20, died of wounds sustained in a terror stabbing attack on Monday morning in Tel Aviv, according to the Israel Police.
Police apprehended the Palestinian suspect, a Nablus resident, shortly afterwards and said the assailant attempted to steal Shiloni's gun, but failed.
NOTE: He attempted to steal the gun, failed to do so, and was still able to pull off the stabbing?
The stabbing took place at  the city's southern HaHaganah train station on Levinsky Street.
Shiloni received first aid at the scene, and was then transported to nearby Tel Hashomer Hospital. A man in his 50s chased down the attacker, and was wounded in the process.
Shiloni sustained "numerous stabbing wounds, too many to count," Magen David Adom paramedic Nachum Bernstein told the Tatzpit News Agency.
Bernstein was among the first on the scene, and provided first aid to the soldier before the victim was evacuated to the hospital.
"To the government, we say: 'wake up!'" Shiloni's twin brother, Sahar said, according to Israel's Maariv.
"Your soldiers are defending the country, and see what's going on here. My family is all soldiers – we can't watch the blood that is being spilled here. What is happening in this country is catastrophic; terrifying," Sahar said.
"He was my twin brother, my soul, I hope he comes out of it," Sahar said before his brother died.
"He's a person that helps everyone, everyone – he's outstanding; I just want to know what's happening to him," Sahar said.
The suspect, Nur al-Din, 18, is a resident of the Askar refugee camp, and was in Israel illegally, according to police.
The purported culprit was a member of the Hamas, so claims none other than Israeli Army Radio. Here is an image of the acclaimed victim. Where is the evidence for any stab wounds? Once again, the paramedic says that there were so many such wounds that he couldn't count them. Where, then, are all these countless stab wounds?
In fact, there is no hard evidence for knife wounds of any kind. What is seen is the same standard elements of a fake, which is the attending of the purported terror victim by rather than actual medical persons mere good Samaritans, common people acting heroically to save lives. They are acting out of their element, jumping into the foray as if it is nothing without the slightest fear. They are doing so while being surrounded by police, army elements, and other officials.
The official story is as follows, per Wikipedia:
Shiloni, aged 20, from Modi'in, was stabbed at the Haganah Railway Station in southern Tel Aviv, after a struggle with a Palestinian who attempted to grab his rifle.[8][9][10]Passerby Gilad Goldman intervened, attacking the assailant and stopping him from grabbing the rifle. Shiloni was on the phone with his girlfriend, when he was attacked and stabbed in the stomach and chest several times. Shiloni sustained massive blood loss and succumbed to his wounds at the Tel HaShomer Medical Center...
A bystander punched the attacker. The attacker was chased and eventually taken into custody by Israeli police.
Here is a zoom-in on his chest and abdominal area. There is no evidence of stab wounds of any kind. The official story is a terminally corrupt lie:
All the (fake) blood is seen arising below the pelvis. How, then, could he have suffered "several" stab wounds in the chest and stomach? Once again, let it be said: there are NO multiple or countless stab wounds anywhere on this man's abdominal area or chest.
Here are the Zionist good Samaritans in action. The woman is apparently applying a tourniquet but in what area? It is none other than the upper thigh. Why would she be doing so there for what are acclaimed to be abdominal and chest wounds?
There is a clearer view of the Zionists, including the male. Notice the placement of the drill-related water bottle. The male Zionist has as his focus the woman rather than the victim. Notice how his shirt is tainted by the fake blood but the woman is, in white, is spotless. With purported arterial spurting from multiple stab wounds, including those in the chest, how is that possible?
The man is smirking while looking over at her. None of this is believable.
Additional views prove the same, which is that there is no (fake) blood arising from the chest and abdomen and all the red colorant is associated with the thigh and leg area alone.
If this were a real stab wound to the thigh, there would be arterial spurting. As well, the man's tissues would show evidence of major blood loss; there would be pallor. In this case none of this is seen. Instead, what is seen is what appears to be mere fake blood, both poured onto the pavement and also painted on to the individual. Regardless, why cut away the pants if the stab wounds are in the abdomen and chest?
A further close-up examination reveals this evidence even more greatly. Surely, this is fake blood painted on. Notice how it runs and how there is no congealing or clotting. Also, notice the violet-red tempura paint-like color. Notice how it separates on the blade. Real blood doesn't do this. It is, therefore, a clear and obvious fake, the knife being fully staged, the red handle being a part of the psychological effect.
A similar fake can be seen, here:
The Israeli fake is the same color as the Hollywood-style phony.
This is fake blood. No Israeli soldier was stabbed, here. It all happened in heavy security-controlled Tel Aviv, where there is a gun on every corner? Who in the world believes such nonsense?
What could this be other than fake blood poured on the pavement? It doesn't clot or congeal. Nothing about this appears real. Even so, with their movie-creation-like skills, the Israelis are experts at the production of such frauds. The mere statement that the man was stabbed in the chest and abdomen alone proves that this is an arch-fake, as does the use of good Samaritans as caretakers in what would obviously be a significant medical emergency.
This is an absolute fake. The IDF mole did not die. It was staged to gain sympathy for the Zionist cause, while attempting to demonize the Palestinians. Countless stabbings have been faked by the Zionists. This is one of the more glaring examples.
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