Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Flying J Disaster A Fake

By:  Marshall Ramsey II, Worthy News U.S. Correspondent

SAINT GEORGE, South Carolina (WorthyNews) -- A reported accident on November 30, 2015 in front of the Flying J gas station/truck stop appears to be a staged event.

According to a report in the Eagle-Record, a local newspaper, a tanker from the Mims Oil Company of Saint George, overturned after swerving to avoid a Renovated Van (RV) pulling out of the Flying J turning left in an attempt to get back on to Interstate 95.  The driver of the RV was a Pennsylvania man whose name was not published, and no serious injuries were reported.

The Flying J Travel Plaza is a very popular place to get gas for both local residents and out-of-towners.  It also becomes very congested at certain times of the day, mainly during rush hours.  The wait time can be frustrating as traffic from I-95 mixes with local traffic and vehicles trying to leave the Flying J along with the Monoco gas station, a Waffle House, and a couple of hotels, as well as a local restaurant.

However, after checking a photograph taken by a member of the Eagle-Record staff, not all is what it seems.

The overturned tanker seen above (green and white vehicle laying on its side) is on the westbound lane of Hwy 178, a few yards from the Flying J entrance.  The RV is parked just a short distance behind it.  The entrance to the Flying J Travel Plaza is located out of frame to the right.

If the RV was turning left out of the Flying J as we are told (the photograph backs that up) and the tanker had to swerve to miss it, then the tanker would be in the eastbound lane, which is empty.  If the tanker did swerve to miss the RV, then the tanker would have to be driving the wrong way down Hwy 178.  This suggests that the accident scene is a staged event and not at all legitimate.

Having driven by the scene of the supposed accident, I looked for signs of damage on the road caused by the overturned tanker:  I failed to see any.  There were no dings in the pavement, no gouges, no scratches.

Clearly, this was a staged event.  But, why?  Since there is no real damage to the tanker, and none to the road, it is possible that this is a case of insurance fraud.  This would fit the profile of the Saint George area recently.

In February of this year, a home at 305 Bryant Street burned down.  The owner, Brian Fehr, was implicated in the fire, although not officially.  Suspected conspirators in the event are Brian Fehr, Dorchester County Fire Chief Tres Atkinson, and others.  A link to the story can be found here:  http://conspiracyprophecyguy.blogspot.com/2015/02/house-fire-in-saint-george-arson.html

Also, since the tanker swerved to miss the RV, this means that the tanker must have been traveling in the eastbound lane, or to the right of the photograph.  Are we to understand that the tanker, driving in the opposite lane, crossed the median just so it could swerve to miss the RV?  Far better it is to tell the truth:  The tanker was placed on its side on purpose.  This means that some sort of fraud is going on.

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