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Review of Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

I've posted a mini-review of Jack McElroy's book. I highly recommend it.
An excerpt of my review:
McElroy's book is an excellent addition to the many on the "Which Bible" topic. The tone is easy and conversational, laying out the issues in a manner that makes the answers obvious. In fact, I suspect this will be my new "go to" introductory book for believers new to the topic.
McElroy gives an excellent overview of the preservation and translation of the Bible, presenting a clear and compelling case for why we should trust that the King James Bible is in fact the very word of God without error. His deductive logical arguments are enough to convince any sincere seeker that we can have faith in God's book as it is preserved to us today.
But he does not stop there — McElroy isn't afraid to point out the deficiencies of the modern and commonly held definition of inspiration, getting to the heart of the matter and demonstrating that not only do modern experts have a flawed theology of inspiration, with their own words they show that they don't believe there ever was a perfect "act of inspiration" in the first place.
You can read the full review here.
Also, the chapter from Jack's book on the New King James Version has been added to the articles section of the King James Bible Page.
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