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Posted: 03 Jul 2014 08:53 AM PDT

While preparing a study on the growing phenomenon of the Marian apparition I was led to give attention to her role in the Olympics. I was surprised to learn what I'm going to share in this post, which represents a worthy addition to the series that I last updated over 4 years ago. This represents only a small portion of what I expect to publish in that study that pertains to Mary's role in the Olympics.

The Olympic logo design of interlocking rings is an elegant geometrical exhibit of the esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid. I began to learn about this esoteric code exactly one year ago, presenting it in series titled Signs of Horus Worship. As you can tell, it's about worshiping Horus, or, as he is primarily known to those who practice Olympism, Apollo. By making obscure references to the 47th Problem of Euclid, the Illumined practicers of the Occult are operating an ancient form of sex magick that illustrates the union of Osiris and Isis to produce Horus. The supernaturalism works to actually produce Horus, who will manifest in a human body as the Antichrist. The rings logo was personally designed by the Jesuit trained Pierre de Coubertin in 1912. Jesuits worship Horus and they specialize in matters of esoteric symbolism and spiritual inspiration.

There are a number of ways references may be made to the 47th problem. The number 47 may appear in a signaling context, overtly or covertly as the gematria of a word or a count of things. The 4G data transmission technology that cellular networks continue to boast about is a popular example of this. With G as the 7th letter, 4G is a lightly obfuscated 47. The 47th problem is frequently referenced by the presentation of the set of numbers 3, 4 and 5, and this is how it's done in the rings logo.

As I document in the series mentioned above, the solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid involves the geometric proof that uses the areas of a right triangle and the Pythagorean theorem. A right triangle is most simply described as having sides that are the whole number 3, 4 and 5 units long, and this is the derivation for the number set. The esoteric solution is discovered in the assignment of the Egyptian gods, which creates a symbol code. The way two of the sides combine in a projection onto the hypotenuse geometrically illustrates the union of Osiris and Isis to produce Horus. The number 3 represents Osiris, Isis is 4 and Horus is 5. On this basis, the heavenly union producing Horus in this earthly realm may be advanced magickally using symbolic geometrical or numerical references to the solution.

Here's how the Olympic Rings logo references the basic 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple. Count the rings - five. Horus! Count the vesica piscis formed at the joining of two rings - four. Count the places where three rings join - three. Those are the counts of unique elements created by the elegant design. It says in an obscure but precise language that this symbol is silently working to produce Horus through the supernatural union of Osiris and Isis. Olympism is the popular religion of Apollo worship, aka Horus.

(updated - 7/3/14 11:05 am)

Notice how there is a fundamentally feminine aspect to the design because the shape of the logo is that of the female pubic patch, which is generally represented in symbol as a downward pointing triangle. The femininity is further enhanced because the rings are circles. When simple geometric shapes are used in symbol language to represent the genders, the square is male and the circle is female. The intersections of the rings suggest the vesica piscis symbol, which represents the yonic or female genitalia. The logo is quite feminine in gender and symbolic of the divine feminine or goddess. There are 4 of the yonic vesica piscis, which is the Isis number, who is the female of the set. Isis, that's the Marian entity who is exalted by the Jesuits. "Our Lady of Olympism"

The Olympic Rings logo has the form of a pyramid that is inverted and truncated. This representation appears on the Great Seal of the USA with the glowing capstone eye hovering above it, and that object is assumed as the sixth ring required to complete the implied form. In the Jesuit trained Pierre de Coubertin's magical symbol, we see Mary laboring in to bring the Antichrist to birth. If we imagine the implied sixth "capstone" ring that completes the pyramid, with the logo-as-pubic-patch imagery, we see him crowning as his divine mother births him into the world!

Here's an important connection to note. As with the rings logo, a pyramid has the implicit 3, 4 and 5 numbers of the base Pythagorean triple, a fact you should be aware of if you're familiar with the series of Horus worship posts. It sits upon a base of 4 sides and 4 corners and has 4 faces that rise to a common apex. Each rising face has 3 sides and 3 corners. There are 5 faces and 5 corners in total. Every pyramid testifies in the code language of Euclid's 47th Problem to the union of Osiris and Isis producing Horus.

The way the Olympic rings fit into the model of Euclid's proof tells me that it was probably the template de Coubertin used when designing his magickal symbol. Assuming my versions are accurate, I note that one of the angles is perfect but the other side is slightly off. It's not evident unless you mirror it and compare one side to the other, or unless you fit it into the Euclidean template. The subtle asymmetrical aspect imparts a visual imbalance to give it a more energetic draw as it operates below the threshold of consciousness, subliminally.

Another popular way to symbolize the 3.4.5 of the Euclidean proof code geometrically is to present a right triangle in an Occult signaling context. This is frequently done in a subtle way by including only two of the right triangle's three sides, like Verizon does with their brand's check mark - that is not really not a check mark. Another very popular way to signal the code is through hand signaling, because the hand has the five of Horus implicit in the number of fingers. Calling out the 3rd and 4th by holding them together presents the signal triple. One way to do this is through what's called the Baphomet. Another is the religious "blessing" with the index and middle finger together. Another is favored by Disney and other Illumined folk.

Another way is to hold the fingers 3 4 and 5 together, separate from the other two. Mr. Spock popularized a priestly variant of the 3 union 4 on the popular Star Trek series. "Live long and prosper." Star ~ angel. Vulcan was a god, a demon god. That kind of life you do not want. It's not going to go well for those who prosper in that way.

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