Friday, July 11, 2014

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The Open Scroll Blog

The Open Scroll Blog

Posted: 10 Jul 2014 03:22 PM PDT
A new study was just published to The Open Scroll website.

Our Lady of the Olympics

"Our Lady of the Olympics" represents a portion of what I've been learning about the significant role the demon goddess who manifests as a Marian apparition has in bringing the whole world together to receive the Antichrist. Lord willing, this will be added to a series of writings on the significance of the Marian apparition phenomenon. You may notice that a version of the part where the goddess is represented in the symbolism of the Olympic Rings logo was recently posted to the blog.

If you have read Jim Tetlow's "Queen of All" or are familiar with Dave Hunt's earlier work (1994), A Woman Rides the Beast: The Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days, you should be aware of just how significant this supernatural activity being sponsored by the Vatican is in transforming the world. When you see ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) being named in the headlines every day as a world changing entity, that's no coincidence. It's a sign!

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