Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fw: Scared of His Constituents



Activist Update

August Action
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Protest During August Action
Across the country, conservative activists are taking action.
August is here, and that means your senators are back at home, meeting with constituents and hearing their concerns. Speaking to your elected officials is the heart of our representative republic, and everyday Americans are making their voices heard.
In Mississippi, FreedomWorks activists confronted Senator Thad Cochran about his support for the Export-Import Bank. The Bank has been handing out YOUR tax dollars to corporations for decades. Its charter is set to expire at the end of September, and we need to make sure this is its last year.
Cochran's staff wouldn't let them into his office so our activists made sure to protest anyway.
In Virginia, activists protested Senator Mark Warner's support of anti-coal regulations. Warner is a huge supporter of Obama's War on Energy, and green industry boondoggles. His constituents are fed up with his policies that destroy jobs and harm America's energy independence.
Virginia residents spoke out at Mark Warner's district office. They made sure their friends and neighbors knew about Warner's support of the radical Obama Agenda.
This was the power of grassroots in action. Check out more photos from the Mississippi and Virginia protests below.
Keeping Up the Fight Against Common Core
After Governor Bobby Jindal signed an executive order to remove Common Core from Louisiana, a judge ruled that his actions were illegal – but gave NO legal rationale for it. This was a clear case of judicial activism. The judge upheld Common Core because he likes it – not because it's lawful.
More than ever, parents and teachers are coming out against the education takeover. Polls continue to show dwindling support for Common Core. Progressives are scared – they know Common Core is unpopular and that it doesn't work.
Gov. Jindal tried to protect Louisiana children from Common Core's disastrous standards. But liberal politicians and judges want to force kids into their one-size-fits-all curriculum. Conservatives across the country won't stand for Common Core. They are fighting back. As the new school year starts, patriots are getting ready for a big push against Common Core. And FreedomWorks plans on helping them win.
Matt Kibbe Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Have you taken the ALS Ice Bucket challenge yet?
FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe just did. He was challenged by FreedomWorks Super Activist Joel Davis, and chose to donate and take an ice bath to raise awareness of the disease.
kibbe ice bucket.png
Atlas Shrugged Part III Coming
The next installment of the Atlas Shrugged movie series is almost in theaters!
If you've never heard the story of John Galt, what are you waiting for?
Atlas Shrugged is a movie about our values. It's about Big Government crushing entrepreneurs. It's about the freedom to live our lives free of bureaucrats.
That's why FreedomWorks is hosting a special livestream of Atlas Shrugged Parts I and II on September 8th and 9th.


civil_liberties.pngThis week's video features the fourth installment of FreedomWorks University's video series on civil liberties. This episode shows you how to protect your data, and the danger of turning over information to social media organizations.
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