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Train Wreck In Arkansas Was Intentional

2 dead, 2 hurt in Arkansas freight train collision

State Police: 2 dead, 2 hurt in freight train collision in northeast Arkansas

By Ken Miller, Associated Press 4 hours ago

Two Union Pacific train crew members wee killed and two others were injured when two freight trains collided head-on in northeast Arkansas early Sunday, Arkansas State Police said.

The collision happened about 3 a.m. in Hoxie, a small town about 90 miles northwest of Memphis, Tennessee. A resulting fire took about seven hours to extinguish, according to Union Pacific spokesman Brandon Morris.

Authorities asked about 500 people within 1 1/2 miles of the collision to leave their homes following the crash because of the fire, the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office said. Most were allowed to return home by mid-morning Sunday, according to county Emergency Management Director Buddy Williams.

"The fire involved diesel and also there was a tank car that ruptured and it contained an (unknown) alcoholic beverage," Arkansas Department of Emergency Management spokesman Kendell Snyder said. He said there were no other leaks.

(The alcoholic substance is known, especially to Mr. Snyder.  This sounds like someone with a lot of power didn't want their competitor to make more money than themselves so they pulled some strings with a train company or two or perhaps someone working at the switch-yard or on the tracks themselves to make sure these two trains were on the same track at the same time.  later information suggests the alcoholic beverage bit is just a cover-up for the real crime.)

"We don't know the cause of the accident. We have no idea why these trains were on the same line," Williams said, noting that no local residents were hurt.

(Don't know the cause of the accident?  The 'accident' was the trains crashing into one another.  The reason for the accident was the trains got put on the same track.  The accident is not why the trains were on the same line as Mr. Williams is suggesting.  Mr. Williams is also trying to legitimize the actions of the perpetrator(s) of this crime, which is what it was, including possibly his own participation in the incident.  The tone of his voice suggests that Mr. Williams aided in the planning and execution of the idea to put the two trains on the same track.)
Michael Hiller, an investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, said the collision involved a train with two locomotives and 86 cars and another with two locomotives and 92 cars. The first train was northbound on a single main track when the second train, which was southbound, collided with it, he said. Hiller said they were operating on the same track.

(Duh!!!!!!!  A seven-year-old child could figure out that two trains that hit each other were on the same track.  Mr. Hiller is trying to distract the reader with details, which is an indicator not only of purposeful, criminal activity, but also his involvement in it.  Mr. Hiller knowns this was an intentional hit.  Forget the bit about the alcoholic beverage.  When Mr. Hiller mentioned there were 86 cars in the first train and 92 in the second train, this meant that two people had to get 86'd, that is, killed.  the two people comes from the 92.  92 divided by 2 equals 46, which is the number of chromosomes making up the human body.  There were two people who were killed in the train 'accident'/murder.  46 times 2 equals 92, which is the sum of the chromosomes of the people killed.)

Hiller said the cause of the accident has not yet been determined and he expects investigators to be on the scene about a week gathering evidence.

(Mr. Hiller is lying.  The reason for the 'accident' is because someone flipped a switch at the right junction to make sure these two trains were on the same track.  The only reason it is going to take a week to gather evidence is so they can effectively cover up their tracks.  Yes, Mr. Hiller, this is a direct accusation.  Furthermore, in video footage of the accident scene, two sets of tracks are clearly visible.  If there is only one main track, which Mr. Hiller was trying to imply, then we wouldn't see two sets of tracks.)
He said the daily recorders on the locomotives would provide information about speed, braking and throttle. Hiller said the recorders have been collected and will be shipped to Washington for analysis.

(Mr. Hiller is telling us in advance that the train's or trains' conductor(s) will be found at fault.  He is hoping this will make people forget that the real cause of the accident/murder is because someone switched the tracks, likely on the southbound train, to make sure the trains collided.  Mr. Hiller is also signalling that the recorders on the trains are being sent to their co-conspirators in Washington to help with the cover-up, perhaps even falsifying data to make it look like it was the conductor(s) fault.)
It's at least the second head-on collision involving UP trains since 2012, when two collided in the Oklahoma Panhandle that June, which killed three crew members and injured a fourth.

The names of those killed and injured on Sunday were not immediately released by Union Pacific. Hiller said he also did not have that information.

"We're still conducting an investigation, we haven't made any notifications," Morris said. He did not know where the trains had originated or where they were headed.

(This is an attempt by Mr. Morris to stymy any inquiry into the nature of the accident.  If names of the victims or the locations of the starting points of the trains can be determined, a real investigation can be launched, which neither he nor the National Transportation Safety Board want.)
Morris said there were no other cars leaking any materials.

"There was a tank car carrying alcoholic beverages that caught fire," Hiller said. "It's still burning. It's going to burn itself out. It's not an environmental problem."

(Too much detail, Mr. Hiller.  You're guilty of murder, Mr. Hiller.  You and others at the NTSB.  Your over-chattiness gives you away.)
U.S. highways 67 and 63, main arteries through Hoxie and the adjacent town of Walnut Ridge, were closed for several hours Sunday. Highway 67 at the intersection with U.S. 230 will likely remain closed for up to three days while the wreckage is removed, Arkansas State Police said.

(This story has the MARKings of being BEAST-like.  Something very REPTILIAN is at play here.)

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(There is more information here regarding motives if you are willing to NUMBER things correctly.  Don't forget to NAME a bad thing when you see it.)

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