Friday, September 11, 2015

Missing James Island Man Found Dead In Woods; Police Covering Up Details

Missing James Island Man Found Dead In Woods; Police Covering Up Details

By:  Marshall Ramsey II, Worthy News U.S. Correspondent

The transcripts of the articles found at the accompanying links are taken word for word.  The text in parentheses, including accusations of foul play by police officials, is mine.


Body found in wooded area in St. George identified as missing James Island man, Dorchester County sheriff's deputies say

Christina Elmore
Sep 10 2015

A body found Thursday in a  wooded area in St. George has been identified as a James Island man who was reported missing last week in Charleston County.

Bruce Howard, 55, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet said. He is believed to have died Sept. 4, Nisbet reported.

Authorities located the body shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday near Country Club Boulevard and Sugar Hill Road, according to Dorchester County sheriff's deputies.

Authorities had searched the area by air and with dogs after Howard's vehicle was found abandoned last week on Country Club Boulevard. Family members and co-workers last heard from Howard on Sept. 3, according to missing person's reports.

       (As you will read later, they officially called off their search for Mr. Howard on September 9.  If police actually searched the area with dogs, they would have found Mr. Howard's body earlier.  The police are covering up information about the murder.)
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Coroner: Body of missing Charleston Co. man found in St. George
Posted: Sep 10, 2015 11:46 PM EST
Updated Sep 11, 2015 12:00 AM EST

ST. GEORGE, SC (WCSC) - The body of a missing Charleston County man was located Thursday night in St. George, according to the Dorchester County Coroner's Office.

The body of Bruce Howard, 55, was located in a wooded area near the intersection of Sugar Hill Road and Country Club Boulevard.

Howard was last seen by his co-workers at around 5 p.m. on Sep. 3, according to investigators. Howard's wife told investigators he never returned home.

Dorchester County Sheriff's deputies had located his vehicle parked near the entrance to Country Club Estates in Dorchester County.

Foul play was not suspected in Howard's death, according to Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet.


New Information revealed surrounding disappearance of James Island man

Posted: Sep 09, 2015 11:28 PM EST
Updated: Sep 09, 2015 11:28 PM EST

By Meaghan Wallace

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A report released by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office is unveiling more information about what happened leading up to the disappearance of a James Island man.

In the report, a coworker tells authorities that he received a text from Howard's cell phone number, the day after Howard didn't return from work on Sept. 3.

Charleston County deputies say 55-year-old Bruce Howard was reported missing by his wife.

"We are looking for Bruce and I need your help in finding Bruce," said Michelle Howard, wife of missing man.

Howard's family and friends held a press conference Wednesday, pleading with the community to help bring Bruce home.

Michelle Howard says last Thursday started like any other, she and her husband left the house for work around 8 a.m.

Howard says she chatted with her husband on the phone, while they were both at work Thursday, around 11 a.m.

"It was very much a normal conversation," said Howard.

However, the night didn't end normal.

According to the report, a coworker is the last known person to have seen Howard Thursday night, sitting at his desk.

Howard was seen on surveillance video later that night, withdrawing $100 in cash out of a Wells Fargo ATM.

In the report, Howard's wife told authorities he rarely made purchases with cash.

The surveillance video from Wells Fargo is the last known sighting of Howard on Sept. 3. He never returned home that night.

       (Why would Mr. Howard, who is believed to have worked for Wells Fargo in Charleston, South Carolina according to, take $100 out of an ATM, drive up to Saint George, park and lock his SUV, walk into the woods, and kill himself?  The answer:  he wouldn't.  The likely scenario:  Someone familiar with the Country Club Estates area of Saint George killed Bruce Howard, hid his body in the woods, then made a text to a co-worker to provide a cover trail.  This suggests a planned hit, and that it was done by someone who knew Mr. Howard.)
"He has never not come home and we have always known where each other are, so it's alarming that he was not home on Thursday evening," said Howard.

According to the Sheriff's Office report, the same coworker who last saw Howard on Thursday, told authorities he received a text from Howard's cell phone Friday morning, Sept. 4. The report states it came in at 9:20 a.m. and read "just go up...overslept..getting going."

Howard's coworkers say he never showed up to work that day.

According to the police report, Howard's wireless carrier says his phone last pinged in the St. George area.

       (If Mr. Howard had stayed in Saint George overnight, he most likely would have notified his wife, which he did not.  Since we know that Mr. Howard was murdered, this means that someone took his cell phone in order to place a call to create a trail for themselves to make it look like he was still alive.  Since Mr. Howard never showed up for work on Friday, September 4, one can safely say he was killed either late September 3 or very early September 4.)
Dorchester county Sheriff's Office was alerted and found Howard's Tahoe SUV on Friday.

The vehicle was parked, and locked, at the intersection of Sugar Hill Rd. and Country Club Blvd. in St. George.

       (Why would Mr. Howard withdraw money from an ATM in the Charleston area, where he worked, drive to Saint George, park and lock his truck at the intersection of Country Club Boulevard and Sugar Hill Road, then walk into the woods and shot himself in the chest?  He would not.  Mr. Howard was murdered, possibly off-site, and then dumped in the woods where his body would later be found, would be most likely what happened.  Also, if Mr. Howard committed suicide, why would he bother to lock the doors of his Tahoe?  The leading of the accounts of events surrounding his death suggest that he knew he was going to commit suicide, so it is unlikely that Mr. Howard would take the time to lock his doors before walking supposedly walking into the woods and shooting himself in the chest.)
Dorchester county Sheriff's deputies also reported finding footprints leading from the vehicle down a path into the woods.

       (In the video at the website, it says that the police did not have any plans to search further for Mr. Howard in the area.  As of September 10, 2015, his body was found with the help of search dogs.  What caused them to change their minds?  Since Mr. Howard's death appears to be a planned hit, it seems possible that Mr. Howard knew someone in the Charleston County police department, was killed by them, and dumped in the woods in Saint George.)
"I am at a complete loss," said Howard.

Howard's family is holding out hope that a tip from the community may lead authorities to finding Howard.

Charleston County Sheriff's deputies say multiple agencies helped search wooded area of St. George , where Howard's car was found but came up with nothing more than the footprints. As of now, authorities have no further plans to search that area this week.

       (The only reason the didn't "find" Mr. Howard's body is because they already knew where it was and didn't want to "find" it until September 10, the day it was "found.")
Anyone with information should call consolidated dispatch at 743-7200.

Charleston County Sheriff's Office says there's no evidence of foul play, at this point. However, they're not ruling it out.


Coroner: Body of missing James Island man found in Dorchester County woods

Posted: Sep 10, 2015 9:36 PM EST
Updated: Sep 10, 2015 11:31 PM EST

ST. GEORGE, S.C. (WCIV) -- A body found in the woods Thursday night has been identified as a James Island man missing since Sept. 4.

Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet identified the body as Bruce Howard, 55, of James Island. Howard died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, Nisbet said.

       (According to a source familiar with suicide statistics, most people who commit suicide by gunshot are not going to shoot themselves in the chest.  This means that Chris Nisbet may be covering up the truth of Bruce Howard's death.  This means that Mr. Howard was most likely murdered by someone who knew Mr. Nisbet, most likely someone with the Charleston County Sheriff's Department, and Mr. Nisbet is actively helping to cover up his murder, which means that Mr. Nisbet was either contacted by someone in the Charleston County Sheriff's Office or has an ongoing criminal relationship with them.)
Deputies found the body near Sugar Hill Road and Country Club Boulevard Thursday night, Capt. Tony Phinney said.

Howard's SUV was found near Country Club Estates on Sept. 5.

       (According to police officials per, Mr. Howard's SUV was found on Friday, September 4.  How is it that his vehicle is now found on September 5, a Saturday?  The answer:  Someone lied.  Mr. Howard's vehicle was not found on September 5, but on September 4, the day before.)


  1. What's weird is that he worked for the bank that was taking donations for the shooting in Charelston? Hum something is fishy???

  2. You think he found out something? Maybe that CCSO was skimming from the funds?

  3. I know this family personally. None of us believe he committed suicide. He was actively making plans for his 26th wedding anniversary coming up this month, had purchased a boat with a friend within the past 2 weeks.
    He was seen by neighbors in his yard the afternoon of the 3rd, he was there for about 45 minutes. His kids are away for College, Mrs Howard was at the gym. He gets gas and withdraws $100. Later that evening, he is on video at a hotel in St. George where he pays cash and uses his ID, also seen on video at a convenience store down the street from the hotel. Bruce or someone using his phone sends a couple of text messages Friday to co workers about waking up late and another message with only the intersection names that is then given to authorities who find his locked Tahoe there. An all day search with dogs, helicopters etc is said to have happened. Found a single set of foot prints on a trail from the truck to the woods but no body nor signs of foul play.
    Coroner (who btw was turning himself in for "misconduct charge") that same day, within a couple of hours ruled it suicide. Area residents reported suspicious activity in the area the evening the body is found, yet the prior search found nothing then boom a body.. and a gunshot to the chest? who does that? Police claim gun powder residue on his hands, but that could easily be from struggling with the weapon/perp.
    This whole thing smells fishy and I hate seeing this family in so much pain from this ordeal. For gods sake the police wouldn't tell them cause of death until next day after the coroner ruled on it..they found out like all of us that night, via the news..
    Please pray for the Howard family and justice.

  4. Praying hard. Tell Mrs. Howard and the rest.

  5. Sounds like he more than likely spent the night in the hotel to gain the courage to kill himself. And the police had to know Friday or at least Sat. that he had been at that hotel and convenience store. And if the family doesnt think he killed himself, and he always stayed in contact with his family, then why and what was he doing at that hotel?? Seems like he wanted his car found and his body found, that is why he texted the info. He didnt want the co workers to start wondering where he was and calling his wife. Very planned out. Just sad that he must of had something very terrible in his life that he couldnt cope with. Men conceal their depression very differently than women.

    1. If he wanted people to find his body he wouldn't have went into the woods to kill himself, as the police narrative said he did. Rather, you spook, he was killed by this mysterious co-worker, struggled with the person, getting his hands around the gun, but still got shot in the chest. Then the person disposed of his body in the woods, gathered his cop buddies to help him cover it up, and tried to make it seem like he was still alive by stealing his cell phone and texting himself saying that he was running late. Besides, Mr. Howard doesn't seem to have a reputation for being late for work. Who are you and how are you connected to this case?

    2. Are you the one who shot him, woman?

  6. Perhaps a jealous husband? No one has ever said, on the record at least, that he purchased a room at the hotel, that someone spotted him early on Friday morning, or that he knew the area because he hunted there. It's not a huge forest...hos body was found at the edge of the woods, because there was major vulture activity in the area. So strange...there is another seemingly fishy death in Dorchester County that was also ruled a suicide...this person was stabbed multible times. Hmmm, both worked in the loan business too. It's a far stretch to think the police are involved....but a jealous spouse may be. If he killed himself, it's probably work related. Hope his family keeps the pressure on the police!

    1. I think I know the death you are referring to. It was a man and he lived not too far from the elementary school. You are right. It was VERY suspicious! Until now, however, I never knew the official verdict. Thanks!

  7. Marshall Ramsey your theory is false! I am a family member, and for you to say this about my family is hateful. You don't know my family, and I would like 5 minutes in a 5x5 room with you. You don't mess with the Batchelor family. You need to remove this story immediately.

    1. Mr. Batchelor, as I have made no accusation against any family member of anyone, I can only assume that your "family" are the police, unless you are kin to the woman who revealed herself as being the killer.

      I will remove nothing.

    2. I apologize, Mr. Batchelor. I did accuse one of your sisters of murdering Bruce Howard, I just didn't realize I was doing it. Thank you for helping me with that.