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Partial Descendancy Of Japheth (Called Poseidon) By Way Of His Son Antaeus

As some of you may be aware, the mythologies of old in a number of cases are recordings of historical events.  Since studying Greek mythology and comparing that with the genealogy of the Bible from Adam to Noah's descendants, I have come to the conclusion that the Big Three gods in Greek mythology in their rule over the world are in fact Shem, Ham, and Japheth, the three sons of Noah.

Ham, whose name means 'dark' or 'burned ' became Hades, often pictured as a death-like figure.  The domain of Hades is the underworld, which we would call Hell.  The actual location of the Greek Underworld is the continents of Africa, Antarctica, South America, and Australia, with parts of North America mixed in.  This fits with both word of mouth and genealogical evidence that the descendants of Ham settled in Africa after the Flood.

Shem, being a direct male ancestor of the Lord Jesus Christ became Zeus, the chiefest and greatest of the three.  Satan had this lie perpetrated because Yahweh/Jehovah is the God of gods and since Satan suffers from God-wannabeism but can never lay rightful claim to the title of God of gods, he decided to make the identity of "chief God" jumbled so that man could not lay claim to the truth, that the LORD, HE IS GOD.  Shem, being Noah's favorite son, received not only the lands of Asia, China, India, and others, he also received the chief kingship, bearing rule over his brothers.

That leaves the matter of Japheth.  Since we have already identified Shem in this case as Zeus and Ham as Hades, Japheth then becomes Poseidon.  It appears that Japheth enjoyed his time on the Ark so much that he decided to continue sailing the seas.  He came to rule over Europe, most of North America, and a number of islands, including the sunken island of Atlantis.  His descendants include native Polynesians and Hawaii'ans, and a number of upper South American tribes, including the Mayans.

Alceis or Barce  + Alexidamos
No known offspring

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