Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fw: Juveniles riot in Downtown Pittsburgh, attack citizens and cops

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Juveniles riot in Downtown Pittsburgh, attack citizens and cops
image Chris Litherland had never seen anything like it -- crowds of juveniles fighting Downtown on Sunday. "They were just running around the streets, blocking traffic, blocking buses, walking on top of people's cars," Litherland said.

Father of Orlando nightclub shooter sits prominently behind Hillary at Florida rally
image The father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was spotted sitting behind Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally in Florida.

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The Secret U.S. Government Scheme to Confiscate Your Savings
Gold Just Went Berserk Following Mark Cuban's Alert for Wall Street
Move Your IRA or 401k to Gold
'Mediagate,' the scandal you won't hear about on cable news
image In the last two weeks, it has become obvious that a political scandal is unfolding which exceeds in scope anything seen previously in our country's 240-year history. What could that be?

Obama Administration IRS Scandal Back in the News
image The mainstream media have gone to great lengths to avoid reporting on controversies with the potential to damage President Obama's reputation or legacy. The endeavor to politicize the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) became an article of impeachment against Richard Nixon in 1974. But the actual politicization of the IRS under Barack Obama is treated as a phony scandal ginned up by Fox News, talk radio and the tea party movement.

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Obama's legacy of global chaos, not peace
image With just several months left in office, critics assert that President Barack Obama will go down in history for his failed foreign relations, noting his track record of being more than an agitator than a peacemaker around the world.

Gender oppression is not a joke, xe told zie
image In an attempt to prevent oppression, a homosexual-rights group at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has developed a helpful chart with 12 acceptable pronouns. Per, fae, ve, xe, ey may look like an eye chart at the optometrist's office but it's the pronoun chart listed on the website of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center at the university.

Benghazi families sue Hillary for wrongful death and defamation
image Parents of two Benghazi victims are suing Hillary Clinton for wrongful death and defamation -- and claiming her compromised private email server may have been exploited by the attackers -- in a potential bombshell court action that could give both scandals new legs during the heated presidential campaign.

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