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Posted: 21 Aug 2016 11:23 AM PDT
Since we learned that the prophetic timeline was going to be restored by means of a resetting of time, we've been more attentive to how this kind of thing is presented in science fiction productions. Some of these dramatizations are more significant than others. The Star Trek series called, Enterprise, has some episodes that are notable.

Season 4's opening episodes feature reptilian aliens who came from the future, as Nazi officers, altering the timeline. They have the mastery of time. What they do brings an intervention, and time is reset to undo the manipulated timeline. What makes this science fiction plot really compelling is the dialog and how the elapsed time of the production exhibits a potent layer of Occult symbolism. This encoding in the presentation layer matches the Occult symbolism we see and hear with the time when we experience it, according to the meaning of the numbers on the counter. It's a potent ritual and one that we've dedicated several videos to already.

"Soon, history will belong to us. We will stretch out our hands and mold it according to our will." This line brings the Mandela Effect to mind, which is not fictional, not imaginary - it's our present reality!

"Not even the gods of our ancestors could have imagined such power." This is a boast the alien Nazi SS officer makes, and in the context, and what their stated goal is, it's biblical and very openly parallel.

Star Trek Enterprise (Storm Front II) - The Mastery of Time and the Resetting of Time

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Posted: 21 Aug 2016 06:28 AM PDT
By now, most of you have seen the viral video of the cloak wearing high priest who appears to stab a woman, sacrificing her to Shiva.

CERN Shiva Sacrifice video

This video was made in a room where you can see the reflection of a robed figure in the window. The production is jumpy. This is obviously theater. A staged drama. Filmed and released to wind us up. Like with the Happy at CERN video we recently addressed, folks are having fun with us. (Mandela Effect - Happy At Cern - math-magicians, magic circles and the mastery of time) Physicists are people. Like the official report states, some like to play practical jokes. Mockers are just throwing dirt and water at mud, and stirring it up. Those involved may be intelligent scientists and administrators but they are fools on a fools' mission.

Are there ceremonial sacrifices being made to the ancient gods at CERN? The video has nothing to say about that. Most of the questions that might be asked will have no solid evidence to provide an answer in this season. One thing should be noted. A mock ritual is still a ritual. CERN is still honoring CERNunnos, the horned god invoked in many rituals like the one acted out in front of Shiva.

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